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Biography:   Somewhere in the East Coast of the mid-Atlantic region of the United States is a married woman in her early forties. She first read The Hobbit when she was in the ninth grade and quickly followed with The Lord of the Rings. While reading LOTR, she fell in love with Legolas, since he combined two of her childhood passions: archery and elves. In this millenium, the sons of Elrond also gained a special place in her heart. Recently, she began writing stories set in Tolkien's world. These small vignettes inevitably involve at least one of her favorite elves because what is the point of making a hobby out of writing if she doesn't write what she enjoys most?

That woman could be me.
Then again, she could be someone else entirely.
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Sufficient for the DayStoryNo
The Unauthorized Biography of Legolas GreenleafStoryNo
The Unfinished Tales of Legolas GreenleafStoryNo
The Mellon ChroniclesArchiveNo
Mirkwood Cat's stories listArchiveNo
Winter in RivendellStoryNo
A Wild Goose ChaseStoryNo
The Search for the Ninth WalkerStoryNo
Legolas Shall Be for the ElvesStoryNo
Just Not FairStoryNo
The Invasion of RivendellStoryNo
A Thoughtful GiftStoryNo
The Sun in His Hands (*slash*)StoryYes