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Biography:   Here is a little about me. I am an Irish/Italian single mother of a little boy, actually a little monster at times. He never stops lol. Not even when he sleeps. sigh. I love writting, drawing, anything to do with creativity. I have done many stories, mostly about the twins, because they facinate me immensly. I do not know why, but I did a lot of research on them, and my best friend is a twin. Many of my stories are not cannon, they remain in tune with Tolkien, not being overly crazy. Most of my stories are before the books, and once I get to the books, my stories will follow the elves on the outside of the fellowship rather then within it. I don't like changing any part of any story, because I would do them no justice. I have many many favorite authors, and I could name them here, but again I would do them no justice. Check out my favorites page. Cheers Cierah
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