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Biography:   Greetings! Here is Rey, a lover of crossovers and many more... I am a 24-year-old female from Indonesia, prefering to use UK dialect when writing English and US dialect when speaking English, and hoping to learn more languages still. I use a screen reader to do things on the computer, as I am blind, so I'm sorry if there are silly spelling errors that I do not manage to catch; they might be homophones. I love J. R. R. Tolkien's works, although some of them are admitedly too dark for my taste. (And reading The Silmarillion was quite a painful experience initially with all those old-fashioned and flowery language, given the fact that I am an EFL speaker and learnt English nearly by myself.) I love crossing them over with other people's works, though, mainly The Harry Potter Series; you can find those in my other accounts. Other than here, I have works strewn in many places. I am: * Virodeil in Many Paths To Tread, Harry Potter FanFiction, FanFiction.Net, FicWad, and LunaEscence; wind rider in Lord of the Rings FanFiction, Shur'tugal FanFiction, and Silmarillion Writers' Guild; I might have forgotten nsomething from the list above, though... I hope to see you all around the site and enjoy this excellant archive together. Rey
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