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Biography:   For various reasons, Embers is the last story I will post here. My main archive is SWG, and my profile there is in my links list. My non-Tolkien fic is on AO3. I have not stopped writing; since 2012, all of my stories have been posted exclusively on SWG and AO3. There are a handful of LotR-focused fics on MPTT, if you wish to read them there instead of on AO3.

I first read LotR shortly before the movies came out and liked them well enough, though it took me nearly a year to pick up RotK after I finished TT because I had convinced myself Frodo was going to die. I reread LotR after RotK the movie was released and, from there, moved straight into The Silmarillion, which I fell in love with immediately.

I first became involved in Tolkien fandom-- primarily LotR-- on in the 2004 to 2006 timeframe. I slid out of the fandom and didnít return until the fall of 2008-- this time, to the Silmarillion subsection.

I'm partial to the Elves in general and the FŽanorians in particular. I am primarily a character writer and most of my stories focus on Maglor or Elrond.

Constructive criticism is always welcome, though please be aware I do use some British spellings.

Due to spam, my email isn't available here. The easiest ways to reach me are via my LJ or the contact form on SWG.

Works based on mine: Fanart is always welcome. Please ask if you want to translate anything or write fic. Everything else-- including podfic-- is a no.

RAFA 'verse (The list is in chronological order, and the stories in paranthesis are outside the main storyline. The rest of the 'verse is posted on SWG.)

Never Look Back
(Every Wish)
Rise Again From Ashes

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