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Biography:   When I was in fourth grade, I stumbled across a battered copy of "The Hobbit" in my school library. Life was never the same. I love to write as well as read, and since discovering the wonders as well as the horrible, scarring, mind-killing horrors of fan fiction, I've had to play. I hope my brave attempts fall more to the former category. My LotR fics are hobbit-centric, to date, and though I'm a champion of book canon, I will forever be grateful for the beautiful portrayal given to us by New Line Cinema. (Seriously, why did artists insist on making the hobbits so...ugly? Can you blame me for using Elijah Wood as my mental model instead?) I also write for the Doctor Who and Torchwood fandoms. To check those out, go to, otherwise known as A Teaspoon and An Open Mind, where I also write under the pseudonym 'Katrine'. Love to see you stop by!
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