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Biography:   Although I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, I now reside in Florida with my husband and our “child,” a pug named Chloë. I received my degree in English literature and have worked as a special education teacher, an English tutor, and a writing consultant. My fan fiction writing is confined to the works of Tolkien, and my favorite characters to write are Aragorn (particularly as Elessar), Gilraen, and various original characters. Generally, I write short stories and vignettes although I do dabble in poetry from time to time. Vignettes, however, are my all-time favorite type of fan fiction to write (and read) because they capture those sacred slices of time in a character's life and mind. One of my strange habits as a writer is that of almost always (and unintentionally) including some form of the word "silent" (eg "silence," "silently," etc) and the word "shadow" in my works. But perhpas my most peculiar writing quirk is that I almost always write the last line of a story first, often months before I have a premise for the story itself. I keep a list of my last lines and let them brew in my mind; eventually, some of them actually find a home in a story. My other interests include African-American literature, historical fiction, rhetorical theory, pugs (of course!), health and nutrition, and spinning (aka indoor cycling). These things keep me sane.
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