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Biography:   "In fact I write as I do, ill or well, because I cannot write otherwise. If it pleases anybody, large or small, I am as much surprised as delighted."

~The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, #234


Disclaimer: Everything belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien, New Line Cinema, and other important people. I merely borrow certain characters and then return them in tact. I own nothing!


Chronological Order of My Stories:


Through the Storm

Trick or Treat (takes place in Shirebound's "Quarantined" universe)

Counting By Hundreds

Lessons in Adventuring


A Stroke of Love

On the Eve of Pippin's Birthday

First Meeting

Just a Bit of Fun

The Houseguests

A Close Call

A Perfect Present

Help Unlooked For


Stars and Sniffles

After the Fall

Sure Footing (while this begins and ends on the Quest, the main part of this story takes place just a year before)

House and Home




The Best of Intentions

Fairer Than Most

Partners in Crime (movie-verse)

Where We Are Going (movie-verse)

Adventures Are Not What They Seem

Hidden Strength

Making Spirits Bright

Swept Away

Healing the Healer

On the March

Shelter From the Storm

It's a Wonderful Life (movie-verse)

Half a Sticky Mile

Small Comfort

At Last

For Eyes to See That Can

On the Fields of the Pelennor (movie-verse)

In the Company of Friends

Different Paths

To Battle



The Stars Will Light Your Way

Upon the Wings of an Eagle

Dawn at Cormallen

A Tale Worth Telling

Many Happy Returns


Woven in Friendship

On the Shores of the Sea (movie-verse)

Letting Go

Rescue Me


Memories of Bywater

Song by the Sea (takes place in Shirebound's "Healed" universe)


Out of Sequence Collections (Spanning Pre-Quest, Quest, Post-Quest):

Birthday Presents



Postcards From the Shire


Non-Hobbit Fic

Slaying Dragons (Young Faramir and Boromir, Gandalf)


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