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Biography:   I'll admit to being drawn into the Tolkien world by the movies, and I have Peter Jackson to thank for introducing me to such an incredible world. But while the movies captured my imagination, the books have captured my heart. I must thank Thundera Tiger for providing the nudges, prods, and beta-ing above and beyond what one should expect; her encouragement brought me to the point where posting a story was not so terrifying and where writing the stories in my head have become nearly mandatory.

In most of my stories, you're likely to see a concentration on bookverse, with a smattering or nod to movieverse. My imagination is most often sparked by the friendships between Legolas and Gimli or Legolas and Aragorn, though Sam and Frodo often do the trick too, as do the Fellowship as a whole. But let's see where these characters take me, shall we?

MY NEW STORY IS COMPLETE! Never thought I'd see the end, but there it is. It has quite a bit more action than my previous stories. You'll also find four other complete stories, plus a drabble series. I hope you enjoy!

For those who ask the inevitable question: Yes, I have begun a new story. This one will be somewhat of a mystery story. It will be a while before you see anything posted, however.
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