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Biography:   Hello! My name is Boyana. I love the sense of mystery, fantasy and magic; also the scent of exotic faraway places, especially the tropics and jungle temples. I love feeling holy and cold like the air of an early morning sorrowful Catholic cathedral.
Story Favorites
bullet Thranduil's Shadow by Mimi Lind Last Updated: 1/5/2022
STORY HIDDEN BECAUSE OF HACKER SPAM ON THIS SITE. It's still up in my AO3 and Fanfiction.Net if anyone was reading it. - - - Young Thranduil rushes into a relationship that divides his family, and a series of tragic events turns him cold and reserved. To find happiness and love he must deal with his shadows, but how can he ever become free of his father? This is a story of how Thranduil met Legolasí mother, and also a recount of parts of the Silmarillion from his perspective. Rated for a fe
Rating: R Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 29 Published: 2/5/2021