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Biography:   Friend me on Facebook! I'm lonely.

My YA fantasy, THE WIND READER, was published by Inspired Quill in October of 2018. You can buy it at Amazon or directly from Inspired Quill, which would help support a small press that is also a social enterprise, returning part of their profits to literacy projects. Here's the link to IQ, where you can also read the first chapter.

My YA fantasy, DEEP AS A TOMB, was published by Loose Leaves Publishing in October 2016. You can read the first chapter for free on Jena Baxter's Bookworms to see if the book is for you ( It's available on Amazon, B&N, and Indiebound. Here's the Amazon link:

FINDERS KEEPERS, my first novel, a middle grade fantasy, was published by Zharmae Press in September, 2015. In my head, the main character (Cade)and his older brother (Roth) are kid versions of Eilian and Ithilden.

Available from Amazon:

Before I took to writing so-called "original" fiction, I spent a good long time writing young Legolas stories, so it might be helpful if I gave a list of those that I've written in chronological order of Legolas's age in them. I give his age in both Elf and roughly equivalent human years.

The Seeds of Time, 11/4;
Paths of Memory, 11/4;
When Shadow Touches Home, 11/4;
All Those Who Wander, 11/4;
Battles Won, 11/4;
Heart's Ease, 11/4;
Legolas's Begetting Day, 20/8;
Watch This! 20/8;
Growing Under Shadow, 27/11;
Paths Taken, 27/11;
Good Neighbors, 30/12;
Visitors, 33/13;
My Brother's Keeper, 35/14;
The Enemy Within, 40/16;
See the Stars, 39/16;
A Matter of Heart, 40/16;
Prodigal Sons, 40/16;
Joinings, 41/16;
Gifts, 42/17;
The Novice, 42/17;
One Year in Mirkwood, 42-43/17;
The Tide of Times, 50/21;
The Warrior, 50/21;
Time's Turnings, 83/young adult;
Thranduil's Begetting Day, 83/young adult;
Fire and Shadow, 110, young adult;
Sacrifice Under Shadow, 278, adult;
Spring Awakenings, 278, adult;
Glorious Summer, 279, adult;
A Creature of Fire, 290, adult;
Tangled Web, 461, adult;
A Spring of Joy, 471, adult;
Home for Now, 471, adult;
Ada's Little Girl, 471, adult;
A Question of Duty, 538, Adult

Additionally, Nilmandra (my beta) has written three stories using my characters as very welcome gifts. They're called "First Celebrations" (in which Thranduil meets his future wife), "Eilian's Begetting Day," and "Ithilden's Begetting Day." In exchange, I wrote a similar gift story for her called "Celuwen's Begetting Day," which takes place when Celuwen, Eilian, and Gelmir are all the human equivalent of 14. I also have another story called "The Decision," with Thranduil as the main character, and one called "A Moment of Joy," with Eilian and Ithilden in the years before Legolas came along. These single-chapter stories are all on Stories of Arda. Finally, Bodkin wrote a wonderful story called "In the West," in which she takes all my characters to Valinor and shows the return of many of the dead ones from the Halls of Waiting. Thank goodness! I have a Live Journal account here:
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