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Biography:   I'm a 35yo mom who should be outside pulling weeds out of the flowerbeds. But instead I'm in here being a psyco fan like the One who drug me into this whole online LOTR fan thing, Mysterious Ways. I'm a very new writer of fan fiction and can't imagine that I'll be very prolific at it. But I'm very proud of my first one So here I am to put it out there for more to read.
Story Favorites
bullet Promises to Keep by Leaward Last Updated: 11/30/2004
Promises to Keep follows an OC Dunedain Ranger patrolling the South Downs and Bree area in the fall of 3018 TA, while trying to attract the attention of a Bree girl.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 15 Published: 10/27/2004