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I am a re-convert to LOTR. I read the books when I was younger and loved them, but Star Wars, Star Trek-TOS, and Andre Norton had my attention back then (along with Robin Hood and Zorro.) Now, several years and a variety of obsessions later, Peter Jackson's movies have breathed new life into my love of Tolkien's books.

I write when I can dredge up the inspiration (harder than it used to be), I read incessantly (never a problem), and I am very quiet on mailing lists, groups, and archives (for which I often feel guilty.) My latest interest is scouring the Internet for LOTR art, as can be seen by my Links section. I don't read a word of Japanese, so if any of those links ARE adult when I say they aren't, I apologize. The art isn't adult! Or wasn't last time I checked.

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