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Biography:   Wow, it has been many a long year since I logged into this site as an author. But here I am, back again! I hope that in the years since high school, my writing and ideas have improved. I think the purpose of fanfiction is to provide answers to questions that an author has left behind in their work. I've thought about this a bit, so bear with me. In Tolkien especially there are many opportunities for character introspection and tantalizing gaps in the plot throughout his works. Then, of course, there are the inevitable "what ifs." I hope to answer some questions, as they have occurred to me in my reading of Tolkien, and perhaps to raise others. I will try to follow the books rather than the movies in my endeavors, but I usually make mistakes, so please don't hesitate to correct me! A quick note on my old stories: "The Result of Failure" was my first fic ever. If you do choose to read it, I hope you will regard it in that light of overeager enthusiasm that excited teenagers sometimes display... As for "Valinor" ... I haven't quite decided what to do with that one, so we'll see... Finally, I want to thank you for reading! There are so many stories out there that I sincerely appreciate the time you have, are, or will spend on mine! And you get more thanks for reviewing! PS-I'm having real trouble with the paragraph breaks in this bio section, so if anyone has any tips, I'd appreciate it!
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