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Biography:   I am a long-time Tolkien fan, and my great love is 'The Silmarillion'. As my life is very much related to facts and figures (I work in science), I started writing in 2018 to challenge myself creatively, and it has been a lot of fun. English is not my native language, and therefore some grammar-awkwardness is inevitable, especially in the use of articles and prepositions, and maybe also strange sentence structure. Also, I consciously avoid modernisms and attempt to use older words at times, probably with varying degree of success. My work is mostly canon-compliant, aiming to fill gaps in the story in a plausible way, as well as to explore the characters and their relationships. Currently all my published stories are set in the First Age, and they are consistent with one another. Their order (according to chronology of events) is following: The Steel, Ashes, The Silence, The Brink, Darkness, The Stronghold, Adrift, Autumn, The Last Story, Stay. If more are to follow, the list will be updated.
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