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Biography:   Greetings to all lovers of the genius of Tolkien and also Peter Jackson, whose great films awoke imaginations across the globe. I like to read about the Elves most of all, especially Legolas, Elrond, Arwen, Galadriel, and Luthien. I'll try well-written stories of any kind. I am most fond of strong female characters. I don't care much for AUs, major departures from canon, or writing that is not based in a solid knowledge of Tolkien's works. I like to write histories that fill gaps, have a plot and a resolution, and tell the reader something that he or she might not have known. I never post a story until I have written the last word. I will gladly beta-read works that appeal to my interest. My strengths as a beta are plot, character development, and plausibility. I am familiar with Tolkien's works and much of his source material, including languages. I'm competent in grammar, syntax, and spelling. I love to chat and get e-mail so drop me a line! Note my updated email address.
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