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French Pony

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Biography:   Hi there! Welcome to my bio. This is the first time I've updated it since I started posting here, and the old message was starting to get a little silly, since I had far more than one story up. Since I do have so many now, I figure I should make them a little easier to wade through. They don't necessarily form a single epic, but they all take place in the same conception of Middle-earth (I sometimes refer to it as the Pony!verse), so that characters and ideas tend to remain consistent throughout. I'll list them here in chronological order, by the date that each story begins, since some of them span many years: Fire Ascending, Four Hands Around, Vows, To Save The Whole, The Nan Elmoth Apprentice, Natural Children, Relativity, Not By Blood Alone, Grass Widow, A Father On The Road, The Masque Of The King Stag, Number Two Son, A Charge To Keep, In The Forge, Coming Home, Return Us The Children, The Dragon Of Rohan, Music In My Ear, Repercussions, The Rise Of The House Of Telcontar, No Good Deed. Enjoy them!
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