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Beruthiels Cat

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Biography:   Hello! Glad you could drop in...And that you share my love of all things Tolkien. My name is Marty, and I am a hopeless eccentric, an artist, and a computer tech. Not necessarily in that order! When I'm traveling incognito, I'm Nana Halfelven. One pointed ear-no kidding...and yes, I was born that the pictures to prove it. Since I also know how forgetful I am, I'll put the BIG DISCLAIMER here, in case anyone comes along and wonders where it went... All these lovely characters belong to the great Professor Tolkien, and I appreciate his allowing me to borrow them. Thank you, Sir, now and always. If any of my own ever come along to join them, I promise to play nice! Yours won't come home again sporting nose rings, green and purple facial tattoos, or hickies from some modern-day hottie they dallied with when they fell through a time warp... I think (and write) mostly in vignette style, (although I've been branching out lately) little slices of life revolving around different characters, hopefully keeping a bit of humor along the way. Many of these others are humor based, and don't fit the criteria of this site, as they veer left of center in the canon department. I intend to stay firmly in the good graces of the lovely Nilmandra, since she has been so kind to allow my presence here, and she won't need to use the lightning bolt with my name on it! (bows to Nilmandra)
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