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Biography:   I'm a Yorkshire lass from the UK. A LOTR fanatic . . . I have embraced my insanity by writing fanfic. I love angst, adventure, humour and hurt/comfort stories and my work tends to focus predominantly around Elrond or Frodo (sometimes both) because I think they are such tragic figures. I am not a professional writer and have no delusions about my skill being enough to become one. I write for the pleasure of creating something and sharing it. (So, yes, I love reviews and try to answer any I receive.) I am of an age where I will not be crushed by a constructive negative review so if something really annoys you in the story feel free to tell me. I reserve the author's right not to change tack but I'm open to ideas. That gets the writing bit out of the way. So what about me? I am way, way past the hobbit coming of age, am overweight, due to a hobbity love of food. I live in a small town and work as a clerk in a government office. My other hobbies are mainly craft based. I am a Christian. Thank you for enjoying my work enough to want to find out more about me.
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