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Biography:   I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, grew up in Milford, Ohio (near Cincinnati), moved to Dayton, Ohio after high school, then joined the Air Force where I got to learn to fix radios and computers and go to England, Grermany, Italy, Jordan, Spain, and Saudi Arabia, among other places, and returned to Dayton, Ohio after leaving the Air Force. I'm currently an administrative specialist working for the chair of the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Wright State University where I am working on a double bachelor's degree in Western European History and Classical Humanities. All along I've been reading and re-reading The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion and attempting to write fanfic. My other hobbies include singing, playing flute, recorder, guitar, and various esoteric medieval musical instruments, doing medieval calligraphy and illumination, attending Society for Creative Anachronism events, hiking, nature photography, amatuer radio, and weather-spotting. I eventually will get my completed LOTR fic up on this site but in the meantime my works in progress can be found at
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