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Nieriel Raina

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Biography:   A Note To My Readers

I am currently in the process of editing and moving many fics in an attempt to make them all fit within the Undying Friendship Series. So you may see some familiar fics being posted; this is due to their having been deleted while the editing is being accomplished.

It should be noted I have several different series, but all posted at SoA are connected in some manner except those belonging to There's No Knowing Where You Might Be Swept Off To or unless otherwise noted in the summary.

Not all my work is posted here, but can be found at here: Nieriel Raina

My Series

The Undying Friendship Series - Stories of friendship, humor, mystery, angst, adventure, even some romance. All stories in this series are in the same story arc, and often are sequels or prequels to other tales in the series (though not always). The common denominator is this series is the theme of friendship.

About me: I'm just a single mom who is in love with all things Tolkien, especially the Elves, and most especially, Glorfindel. My life has not been the same since I got on this roller coaster called Tolkien Fan Fiction in 2006. I have no desire to get off, so keep reading and writing!

~ NiRi
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