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Biography:   "Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce."

Um... not much to say...

My website is here: Scribbles. The purpose of my website varies. In some respects it acts to allow people to read my stuff when is down, and also lists all my favourite stories. Otherwise it just tells me that everyone who reads my stories is looking for another author/pairing/character etc.

My profile is here: Dragon and will probably get most everything first. And has the early stories that I'm to embarrased to post anywhere else on it!

Do you donate blood? On the bone marrow register? Being a hero is easy. You don't even need to fall into Middle Earth to do it. To be amusingly thorough, my complete storylist in chronological order: The Littlest Balrog Spirits Unkindled The Last Flower The Golden Flower Ereinion and The Tummy Monster The Prince and The Shipwright Spears and Storms Storm Cloud A New Beginning Truffles A Visit to Imladris One Autumn Morning Elladan's First Word Tears and Training Swords A Bedtime Monster Tales of Red Tunics Elrond's Boys Midwinter Night Rainy Days Chasing a Song Finding Celebrian Rivendell Story All Shall Love Me and Despair
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