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Frodo Baggins

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Biography:   I am a seventeen year old girl who lives in North Carolina - my Shire. I am a LOTRaholic, but first a professed Christian. As you've probably guessed from my pen name, Frodo is my favorite. We're so similar, it only seems natural. I love writing and reading. And more writing and more reading. Oh, and eating. I love politics and hope to attend a political college and then Law School one day. I want to be a Politcal journalist and an author. But we shall see... Horses are also a passion of mine, and I would dearly love to own one! (wistful sigh) I am a debater. If you think Frodo was a weakling, just tell me adn I'll be very happy to give you a hot debate about it. I have my share of Baggins stubborness, so beware!! I am proud to be a homeschooler. Due to my love of Frodo and Hobbits in general, a good deal of my stories will be Frodo centric, but a few will feature Sam and Merry and Pippin and Bilbo. I'm a Hobbit at heart, so how can I write about anything but them? :) I am sorry to add, that my stories may not come as often as I like...I am in High school, and like every high schooler I know, I have a huge work load. I am apologizing in advance to any waiting you may have to do. Hannon le for reading and reviewing!!
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