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Biography:   Salutations!

Pleased to make your acquaintance. Essentially, when not working with books, selling vintage on Etsy or gardening in my native Oregon, I write or spend time in the online company of other writers, and 'The Fellowship of Middle-earth' community is my online home for all things Tolkien.

Genfic is overwhlemingly my favorite genre with only occasional dipping of the toes into the edges of fluff - All of my works are family friendly and generally low in angst, go ahead and invite the grannies, kids and pets to read them with you.

My preference in Tolkien's world is for Bilbo in particular, as he seems to enjoy the same interests I do in his own curmudgeonly way, though other characters take their turn as the muse leads. The only other fandom I've written for extensively has been classic Doctor Who, all of which may be found at or my LiveJournal archive for any who may be interested.

For those poetically inclined, I've a large number of poems centered on Lord of the Rings as well as several adaptations of classic poetry, but only a few are featured here. A more complete poetry collection may be viewed at my LiveJournal archive, Written Leaves (see links list)

Of course the Tolkien Estate and other legal entities own this world - it's their toys, I merely enjoy playing with them.

Thank you for reading! As with any writer, reviews are always welcome and brighten my days considerably.

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