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Biography:   I'm fairly new to the fanfic world -- unless you count the years back in the 60's when my sister and I used to secretly write scripts for Star Trek TOS and then act them out! We didn't realize it was called fanfic back in those days, and they NEVER got shown to anyone else.

I am currently obsessed with the little-explored Dunedain of the North -- and since there are only two mentioned in LOTR (Aragorn and Halbarad) I have invented a family (specifically two brothers, Tarkil and Haldon) to follow and explore their ancient culture.

By the way, I'm Canadian, so you'll tend to see a mix of both English and American spellings. So you'll see the 'U' used in honour and valour and colour, and the 'o' in manoeuvre, and reversed 're' in words like centre but the American use of 'z' in recognize. I 'try' to keep to the Professor's 'Queen's English' as much as possible, but things do slide by...


Tarkil the Dunedain Stories:

1) Promises to Keep (Fall 3018) Tarkil patrols the Bree area, guarding it from the miscreants who are flooding the land from the south, while attempting to gain the attention of a Bree girl.
2) Two of Thirty One (3019 - War of the Ring) Tarkil and his brother Haldon head to Gondor as members of the Grey Company. A Ranger's view of what happens.
3) Life in the Angle (begins in fall of 3019) Tarkil brings his bride home to a Dunedain settlement where they discover the cultural differences between their peoples.

Standalone stories:

Swords Returned -- 2081 TA -- a Dunedain Ranger must explain to his young son (a very young Tarkil) how a Ranger's kin discovers if a Ranger has fallen.
Gathering of the Grey Company -- spring 3019 -- Halbarad gathers Rangers to accompany him to help Aragorn regain his crown
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