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Biography:   For those wondering, I am a busy nursing student. I spend my free-time reading (everything from "Family Fun" magazine to Paton's "Cry, the Beloved Country" to Lucas' "A Guide to Public Speaking"), drawing (pencil), and--would you ever guess?--writing fanfic.
bullet Between Twilight and Dawn Last Updated: 6/25/2004
It's Elured and Elurin (and their family) as you've never seen them before...before the final attack on Doriath. Ch. 4: Galathil contemplates his grandsons; Elurin tells a fast-paced, child-style version of Celegorm, Huan, and poor Grandmama Luthien.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 4 Published: 8/27/2003
bullet A Proud Horse on a Field of Green Last Updated: 11/23/2003
A Rohan Yule Story. Young Eomer and Eowyn conduct a hunt for gifts, and happen across an especially desirable present, resulting in a bout of all-too-typical sibling rivalry.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 11/23/2003
bullet Riding Up and Down Last Updated: 8/14/2003
Small Eowyn and Eomer wait for their father to return from a ride, then do some riding of their own.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 8/14/2003