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Strange Blaze

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bullet Return to Me by Strange Blaze Last Updated: 7/29/2003
A story centered on Legolas' wife, Sorayaiel, and her thoughts and actions before, during, and after Legolas becomes involved with the Fellowship. Also a lot about the Mirkwood royal family and what happens to them during the War of the Ring. Expect a lot of angst, some violence, and a good amount of romance. Also expect lots of dwarves and a big focus on female friendships. I try to adhere to canon as much as possible, though I do have some small variances.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 10 Published: 7/27/2003
bullet In the Garden by Strange Blaze Last Updated: 7/27/2003
Complete for now. A small snippet from a prequel to my story Return to Me. In this story we witness Legolas' and Sorayaiel's first kiss, a discussion, much angst, and brotherly advice from Arahil. Once this entire story is up this part will be taken down but I thought people who like the other story might like this little part.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 7/27/2003