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An Unexpected Adventure  by KathyG 291 Review(s)
LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 87 on 2/17/2022
Finding that balance in parenting can be such a challenge!
I'm glad things were not worse and that Sador is on the mend. The mention of the errand lads' dormitory makes me think of RabidSamFan. How I ate up her chapters and wanted more! (Speaking of eating, that chicken soup sounds awfully good...)

I haven't given much thought to how it must have felt to live in the City, waiting for the King to return and take up his throne. Interesting to contemplate the vibe and the tone, gathered at the well or in the marketplace, going about "normal" business (which probably seems anything but "normal" and taken for granted after what so very nearly happened, I'd imagine).

Author Reply: I wish rabidsamfan would write some more Tolkien stories!

Living in Minas Tirith must have been hard in many respects; however, for generations, it was all that its citizens knew.

Yes, the necessary challenge in raising a child is a challenge, and that's a fact! Thank goodness Sador wasn't seriously hurt.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 93 on 2/14/2022
At long last, the King has Returned! How wonderful and blessed it was to be there at that moment! Love the little girls being simply children.

Author Reply: Yeah, really! It was a wonderful moment for the children--for everyone, in fact!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 92 on 2/14/2022
Hooray! All know where their loved ones are, and now the Coronation begins in earnest.

Author Reply: Yes! Definitely. K.G.

SharonbReviewed Chapter: 93 on 2/6/2022
Oh wow, this is really dragging out for them to actually be together again. But we can't miss things like the coronation. Well done.

Author Reply: Nope, I'd say not! And don't worry about the reunion--it's coming! =) K.G.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 92 on 1/23/2022
“The last Steward of Gondor begs leave to surrender his office,” he exclaimed.

It gives me happy chills to imagine Denethor getting to say this.

Author Reply: Yeah, really! If Joey hadn't saved Boromir's life, it would be Faramir saying this, not his father. K.G.

SharonbReviewed Chapter: 91 on 1/10/2022
Ah, so close to being reunited. And such an event to be part of. Glad your mother is doing better.

Author Reply: Thanks. For some reason, I didn't receive my email notification that you had reviewed my chapter, so I only discovered it tonight. Hopefully, you'll receive yours!

And so close to being reunited, indeed! =)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 91 on 1/10/2022
I know the frustration, and recognize we are more likely to be given the chance to learn and practice patience than to have it bestowed upon us. Now, to see the coronation through your imagination.

Author Reply: True. Which is why I know better than to pray for patience, myself.

Dreamflower did a great job of writing about the coronation in "And All Was Made Ready", which she's been drawing on to write about the lead-up to the coronation. It's posted here on SoA, if you'd like to read it.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 91 on 1/9/2022
I have just finished a long stretch of editing some very stodgy stuff, quite a marathon slog through jargon and technicality, and here it is, nearly midnight, and I can hardly focus my eyes any longer. So I must put off reading until (hopefully) tomorrow.

I did glance over the notes - and I'm so happy at the news that your mother is better, KG!

Is DF's story ("And All Things Were Now Made Ready") still available anywhere online? I would love to read it, or go back and read it (if I happened to read it at some earlier time). I just love this part of the timeline, all the way from the joyous reunions at Cormallen onward.

Anyhow, best to you and DF, and thank you for faithfully posting updates.

Author Reply: You're welcome, and thanks! And yes, Dreamflower's story is available on and Stories of Arda.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 91 on 1/7/2022
That's very encouraging news about your mom, KG. Much love to you and Dreamflower!

Sam—you are not to allow yourself to be carted off among the servants! Not that I think Aragorn would allow that, but no nonsense from you about your ‘proper place’. Your proper place is with the rest of us

I like that very much. What a marvelous and detailed lead-up to the coronation and family reunion. :)

Author Reply: Thanks, shirebound!

A family reunion that every family member is looking forward to, and that's a fact! =)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 90 on 8/30/2021
Learning patience is the hardest lesson for any of us to learn. Bless Jennifer for her choice!

Author Reply: Yes, it really is. [wry grin] And I agree: Jennifer made the right choice. KG

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