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Ada's Little Girl  by daw the minstrel 34 Review(s)
AromeneReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/1/2015
I love Legolas & family fics!

And congrats on your novel. What an achievement!

Author Reply: My beta has always said that my stories are about family, and as I tried to write so-called original fiction, I could see what she meant. I love brother stuff, so that's what's in my novel. I can't seem to get away from it.

The novel has been a long struggle. Writing is fun. Publishing is not.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/1/2015
Oh happy day! Not only a story, but multi-chaptered!!

Typical Eilian to duck out of the Celuwen/Thranduil confrontation. (Although I agree with Thranduil that grandchildren are there to indulge, while the parents can deal with the sugar high.) Although it's a good thing that he and Legolas have each other's back in the absence of Beliond and Maltanaur.

And typical Ithilden. Rules and keepers are for others - he is able to look after himself. Except when he's not.

Sera seems a bit of a brat, though. I don't think Ithilden will be too impressed at being stuck down a hole with her, not with his own little treasure on the way.

Lovely, lovely to see this. I look forward to seeing more. I'm now off to reread it.

Author Reply: Well, two chapters. Does that count as "multi"?

I am deeply jealous of people with grandchildren. I'm looking at you, Bodkin. Personally, if I were Celuwen, I'd want to move into a nearby flet where grandfather can visit but not interfere. But then, things are growing more dangerous in the Woodland Realm, so maybe not.

Sera and, to a lesser extent, Loriel are examples of the way daughters may not always be the little angels Ithilden is expecting. He and Alfirin will raise a more sensible girl that Sera for sure, but I doubt if she'll want to stay within a league of home forever.

Thanks, Bodkin.

MattReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/1/2015
Great to see you writing fanfic again. An interesting start to a new tale in this universe. Looking forward to seeing where you take things. Thanks for your hard work on this so far.

Author Reply: It was fun to write this again. Fanfic is all the fun of writing with none of the pressure of publishing. That's like the perfect world.

This story is only two chapters so I can't take it too far, but I hope it's a good read anyway.

Thanks for the kind words.

rikkiReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/1/2015
Congratulations on publishing your book! I know you have worked long and hard to become a published writer.

This time it is Ithilden who is having the adventure that Legolas and Eilian always seem to face. In his rush to get home before his daughter is born, he has fallen into a situation that he cannot control. Things are not going to fall into the order that Ithilden demands of his life and I have a feeling that you have started your readers on a comedy of errors that will be a great read.

Add to this mix two brothers who have left the palace without their guards or letting anyone know beyond Alfirin that Legolas is going to meet Ithilden and ride with him back to the stronghold. By the time the three get back to family and the king they are going to be wishing they had just stayed out in the woods. I am looking forward to this story of all the brothers together as they have not been since the Battle of the Five Armies.

Author Reply: Writing is so much easier than publishing, and writing is no picnic! Still, the book seems to be there on Amazon. I haven't held it in my hands yet, but I will.

Ithilden bossed people around until he put himself in a situation he'd be furious at someone else creating. I like writing the three brothers together. In some ways, that's why elfling Legolas stories are fun to write. The cast hasn't gotten too big yet. It's just Thranduil and the boys. Too many characters sort of confuse things.

This story is only two chapters long, because farce doesn't take you all that far, but it was fun to be writing this again. It's so low stress.

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