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Ada's Little Girl  by daw the minstrel 34 Review(s)
curiouswombatReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/9/2015
I find myself wanting to follow Sera's story now... :)

Author Reply: LOL. Oh lord. Now there's conflict waiting to happen.

DotReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/9/2015
I did read this! But then I got distracted by 'Finders Keepers' arriving in the post :-)

Still, I can't stay away from Ithilden too long...

I really like the subtle undertone in the conversation between Eilian and Legolas of what this birth means. And who's missing. Poor Sinnarn. Have you stopped feeling guilty about him yet? :-D

Anyway, I'm still grinning at what Legolas and Eilian must have thought when they discovered what was going on. Obviously there was no real danger if Ithilden was exasperated. I always enjoy it when Eilian risks treating older brother as just that - a brother. To be teased. Of course, he was asking for it then when he ended up sprawled in the hole with them. I did have a moment where I thought Legolas would be joining them and we'd have to wait for Beliond and Maltanaur...

A troll! Seriously? This is not a good day. I enjoyed the action and Sera putting her difficult stage to good use to clobber the troll.

I wasn't actually expecting gold. Hmm. But then neither, it seems, was Fodor. I suspect he's spent a lot of his life frustrated by his daughter and has many more years of it.

What a gorgeous, gorgeous ending. "Little one," he whispered, "daughter, I promise you I will protect you always." Ah, that made me teary.

Lovely story, daw. Enjoy your trip.

Author Reply: When I think about Sinnarn, I do feel kind of bad. It's not like I intended to kill him from the start, but now when I go back and look at the stories set earlier, his death changes how I read what I wrote. Very odd.

Sera is a pretty unlikeable character, but I felt sorry for her though not as sorry as I did for her father. Still it was enjoyable to have her be the one to clobber the troll. I like characters with more than one side.

Ithilden's daughter will be not quite an adult at the time of the Ring War. He'll be out of his mind worrying about her. :-)

I'm running around trying to get things done. I have my kindle fully charged and just learned the cab fare from the Hamburg airport to the port, so I'm getting there.

As always, thanks for the kind review.

moonshineReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/8/2015
So excited to read a new fanfic! It's just as wonderful as all the others! Congrats on your book!

Author Reply: Thank you, moonshine, both for your kind words about this story and for the congrats on my book.

I never would have started writing fiction if it weren't for the opportunity to learn that fanfic gave me.

someoneReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/8/2015
I feel great sympathy for the man. His day is almost as bad as Ithilden's, and his daughter had the cheek to find gold when she wasn't supposed to find anything! But if anyone had even worse day than those two, it was the troll, who had someone dig into its home and wake it, and then making its cave collapse and kill it. Poor troll.

Thank you for writing this funny story!

Author Reply: Poor troll

Now there's a sentence you don't see very often! LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed it. The poor man still has to deal with his daughter's choice, but then I suppose, it's what most parents have to do at some time or other.

This was fun to write.

MattReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/8/2015
Nice job on ch2. Too bad Ithilden couldn't have run into another challenge on the way home but that would have made this unrealistic. Also, getting a bit more clarity on what happened to Sarah and her father for their trespass would have been nice but still, generally, great to see you back!!!

Author Reply: I guess it's a good sign that you enjoyed it enough to want more! Yeah, I expect Thranduil will have something to say about Men digging in his woods.

I don't know how "back" I am. I'm mostly working on original fic. It's just that I miss these guys sometimes. I wrote about them so much that they feel real to me.

NotACatReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/8/2015
Nicely resolved, and I can imagine this making for good stories round the fire for yeni to come.

I did wonder whether the Elves would understand the human slang when Fodor yells "Oh, screw Mica[]No, wait. Don't." but even if they don't I expect they'll figure it out ;-)

Are you going to update the timeline on your profile? I'm trying to recall where this one would fit in and failing: how old was your Legolas at the time of The Hobbit?

Author Reply: Someone else asked about "screw" too. I did think about it some before using it. Most languages include some vulgarity about sex, so I thought the Men probably would. Now whether the Elves would be familiar with it is a good question. They obviously understand sex. So I'd guess it's a matter of how familiar they are with the language. And that's an issue I mostly ignored in this. How good was Legolas's understanding of common speech?

I think I'll take your explanation--they figured it out in context. Yes. That's it.

Thanks for reminding me about updating my profile. I should have done that. Or you know what? I should have stuck these two chapters as two new chapters on "Home for Now." They'd have fit.

I'd have to look up how old I made Legolas at the time of The Hobbit. He was born not long after the Watchful Peace ended. So, what would that be? Several hundred years is as close as I can get off the top of my head at 6:30 in the morning.

Thanks for the review, NotACat.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/7/2015
Something makes me think this exchange between Ithilden and Sera is a taste of things to come. Listen to what your father says, indeed. She'll do that by the time she's a mother herself - maybe!

The lads must be thrilled they got to fight a troll with no interference from pesky minders. They should have an adventure once in a while without being nagged, I totally agree. And I'm glad Ithilden made it back in time for his daughter's birth. After losing Sinnarn he needs this. Great story, daw.

Author Reply: After killing Sinnarn, *I* needed this.

Actually, I picture Ithilden's daughter as a sweet child, but even sweet children don't always appreciate dad's interference.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/7/2015
Heh; you know you're in for it with a chapter titled "A Simple Trip." You cracked me up with Legolas's comment about how he never remembered his father handing out honey cakes when he was little. LOL, Grandpa Thranduil. I'm enjoying the boys out adventuring together. And Ithilden having a bad day just when he doesn't need one. And his ideas about how raising a daughter is going to be are precious. Thanks for this, daw. I'm halfway through Finders Keepers and loving it.

Author Reply: Thranduil as Grandpa is a whole different person than Thranduil as adar. I get it. If my son would make it happen, I plan to be a very indulgent grandmother.

You're being very nice about Finders Keepers. :-)

BlueEyedElfReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/5/2015
Congratulations on being published, Daw (aka Dorothy). So happy for you!

I am so glad to read a story about the birth of Ithilden's daughter. Been looking forward to this.

Oh, my! It's always Murphy's Law for the sons of Thranduil, isn't it? Here's hoping that Eilian and Legolas don't get themselves into trouble as well. How embarrassing if Alfirin and Celuwen have to send their keepers to fetch them.

Really enjoyed this. Thank you for writing.

Author Reply: I once took a writing class from Connie Willis, a SF writer. She says she plots entirely by using Murphy's Law. That struck me as a useful idea when I'm stuck for what should happen next. And in this case, it worked.

Thanks for the kind words. :-)

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/5/2015
Nice to see one of your stories again. But I'm confused. I don't remember Ithilden having a daughter or Legolas having such an important position as an officer. Does this story take place during a time you haven't explored yet? And is it after the time of Sinnarn?

Author Reply: This is set after "Home for Now," which takes place about 9 years after The Hobbit. So the Nazgul have returned to Dol Guldur and the Ring War is about 40 years in the future. So it's also just after "Spring of Joy," which is the story in which Sinnarn dies.

I have to admit even I get confused sometimes because I've written so much, lots of it out of order.

We'll see how it goes.

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