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From Wilderness to Cities White  by Larner 391 Review(s)
D.Finnis-RobbReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/8/2023
What a lovely little story! The appearance of the little bird telling him to "cheer up!" was particularly well handled.

Galadriel GardnerReviewed Chapter: 64 on 4/16/2023
Oh, I love this, just love it! I never thought about the Shire being too far north for the Hobbits to have seen fireflies. What a magical experience for all four of them, and especially Frodo. My brother would catch them for me when we were children, and not being able to see them glow, I wanted them to stay on my finger just like that. Of course they rarely did, but why would they? It's not difficult at all to imagine their coming willingly to Frodo, Aragorn, and Arwen, three souls worthy of their light. This was magical to read!

Sorry for the barrage of reviews. These little stories are very hard to stop reading!

Galadriel GardnerReviewed Chapter: 65 on 4/16/2023
This is a fascinating conversation. I think in the end, they were both surprised. I really enjoyed this one.

Galadriel GardnerReviewed Chapter: 66 on 4/16/2023

Galadriel's memory of the death of the trees brings the event to life in a new way. And after relating such a story, she still gave comfort to Frodo in thanks for the part he played in allowing her to be restored to her homeland.

Galadriel GardnerReviewed Chapter: 67 on 4/16/2023
The phrase "a little mischief in a mean way" comes to mind. But really, the most shame is on Lobelia for not only raising such a monster, but condoning theft that's more than usually petty!

Galadriel GardnerReviewed Chapter: 68 on 4/16/2023
Oh, I laughed and laughed! Won't Elanor just find out what he'll chew and how much and how often! And won't Sam and Rose be in for a big surprise in every sense of the word! Well, Rose might not. She's a farmer's daughter and might note the paws, too. So funny and sweet!

Galadriel GardnerReviewed Chapter: 69 on 4/16/2023
Oh, how tender and gentle this is ... I love it! I've always liked Imrahil and thought that amidst the war and almost certain doom, he had a particularly gentle spirit, as Faramir did also. Thank you for highlighting that here and giving a glimpse of your lovely vision of Frodo and Sam's resting place at Cormallen and the care they were given. I love Aragorn in this mode, too.

I'm currently dealing with this time period too, in a longer story, not yet posted. It's heavy at times. This peaceful scene was a special pleasure to read just now.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 69 on 4/13/2023
*sigh* Such love and concern and tender care.

Beautifully done. So nice to see this new story! I love all the little details, like the "roof" of leafy green to allow the natural light to soothe the healing ones' rest. I envisioned much the same thing when I wrote of Ithilien and Cormallen.

Author Reply: As I've said before, great minds tend to think alike! Heh! That the Master wrote of Frodo aware of leaves over him when he awoke has always intrigued me, and it must have been due to the sleepers needing natural light to feel secure.

Thanks so!

Am at my friend's place--will call you tonight.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 69 on 4/10/2023
Always love a new story from you. This is exceptionally tender and beautiful

Author Reply: So, today you have another! Heh! I'd originally written this for March 25th, but the site was down for me on that day. I posted it for Easter--a day late, I fear. Thanks so much for the response!

PERIANTARIReviewed Chapter: 15 on 4/10/2023
what a nice scene to read about- A Frodo returning to Bag End. :) Love it

Author Reply: It should have been such a relief for Sam to have a Frodo there again. Am so glad you love it! Thanks so!

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