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Eilian and the Lembas Maiden's Kiss  by daw the minstrel 62 Review(s)
NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/22/2006
I would say 'poor Eilian' but I rather think he got what he deserved. Fortunately, Celuwen likes (loves?) him anyway. Very nice subtle use of the kiss, which we know Celuwen took seriously.

And Alfirin handled herself very well. I wonder if these three ever mentioned the incident or kept it between themselves forever?

Author Reply: He did get what he deserved and what he needed too. He learns from stuff like that. You'd think he could anticipate how it would come out, but no. He has to conduct the experiment. :-)

Celuwen takes serious things seriously, as she says. He should remember that.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/22/2006
Ithilden was so wonderful here. Such a good brother. It was very nice to see them have such a good talk. I particularly liked the little flashback to the moment with the cakes. Ithilden is a supportive brother, even if Eilian doesn't always understand/appreciate his support. But the part I liked the most were Eilian two closing reflections:

I sometimes do stupid things, but in the long run, Ithilden, you can trust me.


Maybe that was something that should stay between them, just for now.

There's hope for him, yet. ;-)

This was a great story. Thanks so much, daw!

Author Reply: I'm so glad you liked it, Elliska.

My beta pointed out that I seldom show loving moments between Ithilden and Eilian, so it was interesting to do it here. Eilian blossoms under support as he doesn't under reprimands, and yet he needs the reprimands too, as Alfirin demonstrated.

A very belated happy birthday to someone whose stories have given me much pleasure.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/22/2006
You know, adult Eilian needs to let Gelmir know that he appreciates his friendship because that guy put up with alot from Eilian's crazy ideas. "My naneth will check on us every time she hears a leaf land on the roof. She has grown more suspicious since the last time." See! Hehehe. Poor elf!

And Eilian is so audacious. He just blows by the guards, strolls right up to the lembas fields and tells Celuwen to march off to the ME equivalent of the ladies room. Celuwen must really care for him. He is so clueless about his own feelings for her. That is so totally typically male (especially young male). That cracked me up.

But Celuwen's part in this was so dear and sweet, even if Eilian didn't totally get it, at least he got it to some extent. I loved that part.

And the end of the chapter with Gelmir reduced to muttering cracked me up. Poor guy!

Author Reply: You're so right about Gelmir. He was a friend to both of them too. Maybe I'll have to give him a romance some time.

"Clueless" is the right word here. Celuwen must have despaired. No wonder she kept him away for so long. He probably hurt her repeatedly. And I have to admit I cracked myself up by having him ask her if she wanted to retreat to the bushes.

YanicReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/21/2006
Oh that was such an awesome moment between Ithilden and Eilian. He's always seemed more removed from Eilian and Legolas, probably because he's so much older, but I loved the flashback. Very cute, loved the little ficlet!

Author Reply: They did well, didn't they? You see here the Ithilden who'll be a good father to Sinnarn. Thanks for the kind words, Yanic.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/21/2006
That was a sweet scene between Ithilden and Eilian. Ithilden really rose to the occasion, even after Eilian got cheeky with him "I am not under your command here, Ithilden. You can tell Adar and Naneth, or you can leave me alone." LOL. Ithilden is very effective at demonstrating discipline here by refraining from giving Eilian the same treatment Alfirin did! A wonderful and heartwarming story, Daw. Happy Birthday, Karen.

Author Reply: What must it have been like to have siblings so much older than yourself? Actually, I suppose until recently humans experienced something like it. The people who lived across the street from us in Detroit had 12 children. The first six were out of the house, married, etc by the time we moved there, so the youngest ones knew them only as adults. Still, to Eilian, Ithilden is not yet his commander. He's been a novice a short time compared to how long they've been brothers.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/21/2006
Ya know, Ithilden comes across as a bit stiff, and maybe he is, but he's a good brother too. I remember a scene from another story of yours where Legolas was in some sort of trouble and as Ithilden left the dining room, he patted Legolas on the shoulder. I think you said something in the text (or maybe a review response) about no matter the difference in age, they were still brothers. I've always like that. I like this moment between Ithilden and Eilian.

Eilian wants to please, I think, he just can't quite control the little hamster that keeps running him when he should stop. Fortunately for him, and for everyone else, Celuwen will be a steadying influence. He had to work hard for her, and in the end, it was worth it.

Wonderful story. The ending was sweet. Eilian promised Ithilden he could trust him, but I think Eilian also learned something about trust that goes beyond just saying the words. He also learned not to trifle with maidens. Good lesson there.

Thank you so much for this story. It's been an absolute delight. I appreciate the time, effort and thought that went into it. I feel very fortunate to have such a good (and talented) friend.


Author Reply: I remember that scene with Legolas! But I have no idea which story it was in. Ithilden came through here, bless him.

I laughed at the hamster reference. That's about right. And one hopes Eilian will be a little more cautious about girls sticking together. It happens.

Glad you liked it, Karen.

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/21/2006
Oh Ithilden, you are being so sweet that I can't help but love you more. It's good to see Eilian appreciating his brother - they are usually so busy butting heads that they forget each other's good parts.

Author Reply: This is an unusual moment for Ithilden, I think, at least until he has Sinnarn. But he must have been amused by little Eilian on occasion--when he wasn't filled with a desire to smack him.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/21/2006
I think I like Ithilden more here than in any of your other stories, Daw. He seems less pompous and strict, more ... 'human', for want of a better word. More approachable.

Eilian's memory of them both having to wait for honey cakes was delightful!

Author Reply: Thanks, Jay. I don't think I'd ever pictured Ithilden with little Eilian before, although Bodkin has. She kind of inspired me. And even the scene between adult Ithilden and adolescent Eilian was a departure. I don't often write scenes that show them close. This was fun.

ManderlyReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/21/2006
I really expected the worst when Ithilden caught Eilian sneaking in and images of Eilian being grounded for the next few ages (or whatever Elvish equivalent punishment) immediately came to mind. Surprisingly, Eilian got off rather lightly, but then I guess it's because Ithilden didn't get the whole story from this brother. Eilian must be heaving a huge sigh of relief. I know I certainly did on Eilian's behalf.

I really liked that glimpse of Ithilden and Eilian of years ago when Ithilden was swinging Eilian by the feet. I don't think we've ever seen Ithilden being so playful with Eilian, which is not surprising given their age gap and that Ithilden has always been a rather serious elf.

Thanks so much for such a delightful little tale, Daw!

Author Reply: The last part of this story grew out of a passing reference in "When Shadow Touches Home." Gelmir says Eilian has won only one argument with Ithilden, when they were kids and stayed out all night and Eilian talked Ithilden into not telling. So that's how this had to turn out. :-)

Being playful doesn't come naturally to Ithilden, although since he was a kid once himself, he must have played. It's just hard to picture it.

Glad you liked it, Manderly.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/21/2006
Every now and then, Ithilden shows that he's not completely beyond hope as a big brother. It's certainly not a role that comes naturally to him, if someone like Lómilad has to remind him to talk to Eilian as a brother rather than as a troop commander, but he can certainly be taught. It's entirely possible that Eilian needs three adults watching him, because he's definitely a rambunctious boy's boy, but he doesn't need three parents. The moments when Ithilden realizes this and acts accordingly are rare and precious indeed.

Author Reply: That's a really good point about Ithilden, FP. He has a hard time letting go of his authority. I think it's moments like this though that show he'll be able to be a good father to Sinnarn some day.

I hope you're able to get home for Thanksgiving, or at least get somewhere someone will feed you good food.

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