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A Moment of Joy  by daw the minstrel 26 Review(s)
NoorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/28/2006
Aha,a young Eilian and a younger Ithilden! A great single chapter fic.
That was you find it difficult slipping back and forth on the timeline with the characters?? It must be hard remembering to write as a young Legolas/Eilian then suddenly to be mature married Eilian? The stories always flow so well so I suppose you don't struggle.

I was reading all your other stories again and as you are so good at putting hints of other stories in your stories (eg cold feet of a young Legolas and then came "all those who wander" and Beliond teaching Legolas to pick locks and then came "Thranduil's begetting day) that I wondered if you were going to do a story involving Legolas and Sinnarn (sniff!) firejumping seeing as you mentioned that in "Creature of Fire".......anyway ANYTHING you write will be gratefully and joyfully read!

Best wishes


Author Reply: Thank you, Noor.

I don't actually find the time shifts hard. I enjoy them because I can go from serious to playful or bring back characters I've killed. I've recently been reading Lois McMaster Bujold's books about Miles Vorkosigan (which I recommend-exciting and funny), and she didn't write those stories in order of Miles's age as he grew up. She jumped around. I thought that was interesting. I didn't know "real" authors did that too.

What a good idea about the fire jumping! That would make a good single chapter fic for some occasion. I'll have to remember that.

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/28/2006
I finally have a chance to sit down for more than five minutes. So, I loved this! Like there was any chance I wasn’t going to…

It sounds like Eilian has been making, uh, good use out of what he learns in his archery lessons. I thought this part was really sweet: “You want to see someone really good with a bow?” He trotted toward Ithilden, who stopped when he saw Eilian coming. “Come and show them how you can shoot, Ithilden! You can use my bow.” He clearly looks up to his competent older brother, for all that he can’t understand him most of the time. I admit I cringed, because I just knew Ithilden was going to have something to say about what they were doing. I see Naneth is used as a threat. She was probably the one person that Eilian would actually curb his worst behaviour for, for fear of upsetting her. A father may rage and roar but no one want to make their mother cry.

There’s a split in the family, isn’t there? I love Thranduil’s amused “Lorellin, leave him alone.” What a tease she is. There’s no way Thranduil would have agreed to Gelmir going – and being freed from lessons! – without her influence. I feel kind of bad for Ithilden. Now I want to see him and his mother when she’s not trying to convince him to be less serious or to go off and have fun. I think he must be a little hurt too by Eilian’s claims that he doesn’t know how to enjoy himself. This made me laugh, though: His mother had pointed out several times that the right maiden was unlikely to report to him in his office. LOL!

And I’m grinning away here at the scene in his office when he’s gazing out the door, clearly amusing Calith. So being asked to check up on Eilian is a regular occurrence, eh? *g* I don’t think that will change even after Naneth is gone and Eilian is a warrior.

I must say, Eilian, Gelmir and Celuwen are very creative. The water wheel thingy sounds very technical! It was hilarious to watch Eilian doing his best not to explain exactly what they were planning on using it for. Celuwen’s enthusiasm and complete lack of fear of Ithilden, as well as her interest in such a practical thing is very funny. And typical!

Bear fat? Ick! So did he win or steal it??

I absolutely love how Ithilden managed to somehow get involved without ever really intending to. And of course, a stripping, dripping Ithilden was rather a high point for me too :-D I couldn’t believe he got into the boat. Oh, I love seeing him and Eilian having fun together! This is just the kind of dangerous, daring thing Eilian would thoroughly enjoy.

And the absolute best bit when you’re an elfling? The wheel exploded! Cool!! I love how much fun they all had together.

Even hard-working tilting-whirling-wheel inspectors need to relax and have fun once in a while. ROTFL!! I had to stop myself skimming down through it to see where you’d put the reference. I really enjoyed this, daw. And I hope our own favourite tilt-a-whirl inspector is having a very relaxing Birthday Weekend :-)

Author Reply: Ah, Dot, you always know just what to say. :-)

I think Eilian would have looked up to Ithilden and in some ways continues to do so even when he's an adult. I'll bet Ithilden is hell on a horse with weapons and given the power he has as troop commander, everyone probably scurries around when he flicks a finger. That has to look good to a kid. Except, of course, Eilian doesn't intend to scurry.

Also I thought about how Celuwen fluffs Ithilden off at Council meetings once she and Eilian are married. She's harder to impress than the boys are, and Ithilden is never going to command her as a warrior, so he doesn't intimidate her.

I don't actually know how Eilian got the bear fat. I'll have to think about that.

Did you notice that Ithilden eventually talks about what "we" have to do to make the waterwheel work? He gets swept up in it. Of course, he thinks like an adult who builds stuff like this for a purpose other than watching it blow up, so he's startled when the kids laugh.

I hope Meckinock is having a good weekend too. Last I heard, she was dodging tornados.

ManderlyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2006
Trust Eilian to drag Ithilden into the fun stuff. Ithilden should really be thankful to have such a rambunctious brother to keep him from turning into a working stiff. On the other hand, Eilian should also be thankful to have such a steady rock in Ithilden. The two brothers are such a night and day contrast. I can just see Thranduil shaking his head when he considers the difference between his two sons and Lorellin laughing and clapping her hands in glee while doing the same thing. Just from this brief glimpse of Lorellin in this story, it's easy to see how much the entire family has lost because of her death. Makes me wonder how different they might be if she was still alive.

Thanks for sharing this moment of joy with us!

Author Reply: Thank you, Manderly. You're right about how the brothers balance one another, just as their parents balanced one another. I think when Lorellin died, they all went off balance a little. I also think Legolas's childhood was very different because of that different balance.

Glad you enjoyed it.

emjoReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2006
Great story Daw. I love your OCs, they just make me smile.

Author Reply: Thank you, Emjo. This story was for fun and it made me smile too. It was for Meckinock and sometimes she says she feels like she works in a carnival, probably as the tilt-a-whirl inspector of something, so I'm afraid I had to bury that joke in there.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2006
that was sweet. I'm so happy you've updated with another wonderful story. I love the bonding between the brohers and Ithilden letting loose, so to speak.

Author Reply: Thank you, Sofia. I'm glad you liked it. These two are so different, I think they're always going to see one another as incomprehensible sometimes, but that doesn't mean they don't love one another.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2006
I like seeing little Eilian! These are two activities that I can so see him doing. But I did not expect Ithilden to let him ride the boat, much less do it with him. Good for him! I'm glad that got to have some fun together. And I loved seeing Eilian with his mother--the person who understood him best. This was a great story.

And happy birthday, Meckinock!

Author Reply: Thanks, Elliska. Ithilden surprised himself too. He needed that, I think. Actually, he and Eilian balance one another out well and are good for one another when they're not sniping at one another. Lorellin was good for them all. Her loss was a tragedy.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/27/2006
It's just great to see Ithilden having so much fun! He was clearly better at getting on with Eilian when his brother was a kid and not under his authority! I love seeing Gelmir as the mechanically-minded elf who could set this up - and Celuwen dressed in some of Eilian's spare clothing evading her feminine fate for a while longer.

Seeing them both with Lorellin is lovely too - goodness but her family must have missed her! She can coax Eilian into being sensible, Thranduil into bending to her will and Ithilden into having fun! I loved the line 'His mother had pointed out several times that the right maiden was unlikely to report to him in his office.' She didn't quite - but she did have to present herself in the Stronghold!

Wet, half-naked Ithilden enjoying himself on a white-water ride, though. With a gorgeous but very young Eilian - it's a lovely image. And I love the laughter. Lots of laughter. A real moment of joy.

And even hard-working tilting-whirling-wheel inspectors need to relax and have fun once in a while. How true!

Happy birthday, Meckinock!

Author Reply: Thank you, Bodkin.

That line about the right maiden not showing up in Ithilden's office comes straight from my own prodding of my son: They won't come knocking on your door, kid! Get out there.

This was the first time it occurred to me that Gelmir might be mechanical. He needed to be characterized a bit and this was his chance.

IdhrenielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/26/2006
Hello Daw! What a great surprise to read from you again! I love to see Ellian and Ithilden having fun as brothers. Lovely fic!!!


Author Reply: Hi, Idhreniel. I've been off writing original fic and seeing if I can get anyone to publish it (no luck yet) so I haven't had time or energy to do fanfic too. But this story was a lot of fun to write. I don't think I've ever shown them together like this when Eilian was a kid. Thank you for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/26/2006
And maybe Meckinock will get around to posting another chapter of her story too!

Hey, what happened to all work and no play makes Ithilden a dull boy?

Daw, I just squealed when I saw this. What a wonderful fabulous terrific birthday present. And with Eilian (still my favorite) and dripping!shirtless!Ithilden (gaining ground), yay. I'm sure I speak for their your many fans when I say I missed these guys so much, and it was so fun seeing them have fun. I know how busy you've been working on the The Novel(s) and I really appreciate your taking the time to do this. It's going to make my whole weekend extra special. But then, troop commanders aren't the only ones who need to do something fun once in a while, right?

Even hard-working tilting-whirling-wheel inspectors need to relax and have fun once in a while.”

Author Reply: I'm so glad you like it. Take the day off! You have my permission. I like your attitude.

Author Reply: And, btw, I assume that given free time, working on your story would count as play!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/26/2006
Ah!! (Insert big silly grin here)

That was sweet. I really like to see Ithilden loosen up a little and enjoy himself - especially with Eilian. Riding the little boat down the rapids sounds horribly dangerous, and exactly what Eilian would do. It was a shame that his plans to retrieve the boat came so spectacularly undone, though.


Author Reply: I think this is the first time I've ever shown these two together when Eilian was a child. When he was childish, yes, but never as an actual child. And it was a lot of fun to do. I don't think the kids minded too much about the boat. After all, the wheel exploded! How cool was that?

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