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A Spring of Joy  by daw the minstrel 270 Review(s)
MariashaReviewed Chapter: 5 on 4/28/2006
I am just done with this chapter and I have to admit I am really afraid that either Loriel or more probably Eilian will die in the end. But I really have the bad feeling I will be crying in the end again.

I know I will be done with the story soon, but I had to write down my concerns.

Author Reply: You're probably done with this story by now. I wanted to tell you that Bodkin has a story on this site you might like. She was so upset by this story that she asked me if she could write about these characters in Valinor, making them happy again. It's called "In the West" and is here

JoeeReviewed Chapter: 8 on 7/5/2005
Please tell me your next story is going to be a little more light-hearted than this one. Even though I knew what was coming I still ended up in tears, especially after I learned that Elowen would be sailing, for some reason, that just made everything worse.

It was a interesting story. Sad, but nevertheless good. Nice job =)

Author Reply: I felt better when I decided to send Elowen with her granddaughter. I thought she would understand how Emmelin felt, so they could rely on one another. And I do like the thought of Elowen being reunited with Siondel.

But this was a sad story, more so than I realized it would be. I've been experimenting with writing strong emotion and I guess I can do it.

When I finished this story, I wrote a short one about Beliond called "The Spy." That's pretty light hearted. At the moment, I'm trying to turn one of my fanfic stories (Growing Under Shadow) into an original young adult fantasy novel, just to see if I can, so I'm not doing fanfic. But I'll be back. I think I need to write a Little Legolas story. That would make me feel better!

JoeeReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/5/2005
When I first read who Sinnarn's new keeper was I got all confused. I read the name Tynd, but I was thinking of Tinar. This of course made no sense to me and I couldn't think of why anyone would make Tinar a keeper. When I finally realised my mistake I couldn't stop laughing.

I love how Beliond thinks that Legolas gets grumpy when he had to stay inside.

Nice chapter =)

Author Reply: All the T names run together, I know! I feel that way about some of Tolkien's names too: Finwe, Fingolfin, Finarfin, Finrod, Fingon. How did they ever remember who was who?

JoeeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/5/2005
Even though I typically read things over at FF.Net, I figure it's probably a lot easier for you to respond if I review here.

I've grown so used to Eilian that I don't even consider him an OC anymore, he's almost like a canon charater to me, lol. Although I must admit that I'm having a hard time seeing him as a father. His interaction with Loriel is completely natural, but I think I'm so used to him as a warrior serving in the dangerous southern patrol (and only recently as a husband), that it just seems so odd.

Anyway, since I already scanned the chapters as they came out, I already know what the webbed footed thing is, but I look forward to reading it anyway, lol.

Oh, and by the way, let me just tell you right now that I am NOT happy about what happens in the last chapter and I will probably end up crying when I actually read it. STOP KILLING OFF YOUR CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!

Author Reply: LOL. OK, Joee. None of them is going to die for a while. I'm tired of it myself.

I had to think about Eilian as a father. He was a good big brother to Legolas though, so I thought he would be a good father. He's probably inclined to be indulgent. I expect Celuwen is the disciplinarian in the house.

ElentariReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/23/2005
Damn and blast! You killed Sinnarn!

I was crying from the moment Emmelin fell on the woods through the funeral. And I don't mean a glistening tear...

Thranduil's slow move into the king persona, after being 'unguarded' before the whole court, is only as touching as legolas's sudden insight on his father. It is somehow heartening to see Solith is just as set in his ways as he's always been (which is kind of weird when you think about it too hard). The journey through MortalLand was also very telling, particularly legolas's reaction to Thranduil's statue and beliond's attitude when legolas learned of the dwarves being in dale.

Still crying, dammit!

too good for words.

PS_ haven't read the previous fic yet, and had a really big surprise at the death of Tuilinn. Poor legolas.

Author Reply: I've been working on tear jerker stories lately, and boy is it depressing!

Oddly, the thing I had the hardest time with in this story was making the Legolas part interesting. Eilian's in a tense situation, but Legolas is just sort of wandering around after Gollum and not catching him. But I did like writing about Esgaroth and Dale, and trying to imagine what they'd be like in their rebuilt state.

Thanks for the review, Elentari.

caz - bazReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/21/2005
you know you're lucky everybody who reads your stories like them sooo much or you might have been taken to caught for false advertising and causing someone 'emotional stess'. piff... spring of joy my ass.

FirstMateReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/8/2005
How sad for the family to lose yet another loved one. At least Sinnarn didn't suffer long. And I'm glad Elian didn't really blame himself too much. I suppose it's a sign of his maturity that he realized that he really couldn't have done anything. Still, it must have been so hard to carry him back to Ithilden. Sigh. Well, I am anxious to see what the muses are sending you next. Clearly, bad things are happening that Thranduil and his people will have to face and I'm sure you'll spin another wonderful story!

Author Reply: I think facing Ithilden over the body of Sinnarn must have been horribly hard for Eilian. But the Quest is only 60 years away, and then things will start to get better.

I have a short story planned, and then I think I'll take some time to try to turn one of my stories into an original young adult fantasy novel. Then I can write happy elfling tales to cheer myself up while hundreds of agents and publishers reject me. :-)

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/8/2005
Forgive me for not reading/reviewing until now. I'm packing to move to another state, and that has kept me overwhelmed. How do we manage to collect so much stuff?

On to the review. You killed off Sinnarn?? I am truly stunned. That came completely out of left field. I guess, considering the Shadow is returning, it would be unrealistic to think everyone in the royal family could escape death. And to be honest, if one had to go, I'd prefer it be him. Not that I didn't like him, but.... His funeral was very sad, but you didnít overdo it, which, to me, gave it more of an impact. I know it is only a temporary end, since he will be back when you write earlier timeline stories. (Maybe he, Galelas, Tynd and Turgon can have a round-table discussion regarding that concept.) :o)

You really had me fooled. When I saw the title, I thought we were in for a happy story.

I was glad to see Eilian had a child. She is adorable. I knew he would be a great ada. Too bad he and his family can't go back to the forest to live. They really were happy there.

I was also glad to see that Legolas finally made Captain. Iím certainly not surprised heís a good one.

I want to ask you a question. Who in your stories is your favorite character and why? If different, who is your favorite canon character? Just curious.

Author Reply: Every time we've moved, I've sworn I'd never do it again because it's such a pain.

This story's title comes from the end of The Hobbit, in which Tolkien says that the wood elves looked forward to a spring of joy after long winter. So this is that time period. And it might have been a spring of joy, but it didn't last too long, sad to say.

I too thought that Eilian would be a great ada. He was always a loving big brother to Legolas after all. I've sometimes wondered what he would do when the battles were over, and I finally concluded that the life in the settlement is one he would enjoy.

Eilian is my favorite character. I like his mixture of strengths and flaws. I like the way he has to struggle to live up to what's best in him. In canon, my favorite character is Faramir. I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive PJ for what he did to him.

EffigyReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/3/2005
It took me forever to read this story. (Blame Compaq)

Ok, let's rewind for a second.

Sinnarn is married?? To Annael's daughter none the less. I must have missed that story for I do not remember it. That's cute though.

And Eilian has a daughter now. Awwww, he's grown up so much. You showed the transition so well.

Now, back to the end.

You killed Sinnarn?!?! I never liked him that much, but I didn't want him to die. Drats. That was so sad. And then those people are sailing. I feel the despair with them. Even with the inspirational message at the end, you can't help but to feel that it's a little helpless. Poor elves. I can't believe he's dead. I miss him already. I will also miss him in future stories. Alas.

Wonderful story, I enjoyed it very much.

Author Reply: Sinnarn and Emmelin were in love in "Tangled Web," the story I did that told the elves' POV of the events of The Hobbit. Annael was a little worried about Sinnarn, but he warmed up to him gradually. And this is the first time Eilian's daughter has appeared.

One of the joys of writing fiction is that in the future, Sinnarn could appear in the stories because I can jump back in time if I want to. Thank goodness!

Thanks for the kind words, Effigy.

caz-bazReviewed Chapter: 8 on 6/3/2005
even though Sinnarn died I really liked this story I've probably said this before but your writing is so captivating and as the saying goes "no tears for the writer no tears for the reader" etc. I bet it took a fair bit to actually kill him off.

Author Reply: Thank you, caz-baz. I did have to screw up my courage to kill him, but it seemed realistic that someone was going to die here.

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