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A Creature of Fire  by daw the minstrel 39 Review(s)
AliceReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005
Oh. I'm just too sad for words now. That was, that was just such a wonderful chapter! Horribly, horribly sad though. Even though I knew it was coming it was still upsetting, and oh poor Legolas. I say that a lot when reviewing your stories, you know that? Wow. Just so much happened.

That last line was very poignant by the way. " Let's go back to the forest." That's the best thing for them to do. It will make them feel better. Though I don't think Legolas is going to bounce back from this for a while. Alfirin should send him brownies.

I liked that scene with Galelas. Someone should have told him that a long time ago. I think the fact that it came from Legolas, whom he knows doesn't like him all that much to begin with, was perhaps even better. Poor Galelas. Maybe you could give him some really supernice cousins since his immediate family is such a bunch of morons.

Oh, and very nice work with Beliond by the way. I like how he just sort of took command. Which worked as all of them knew better than to challenge him. Boy Legolas sure did scare him though. That came through loud and clear. Nice touch.

Another nice touch was the bit about the little boy. That's just too awful for words. He'll never know his real family and they'll never know what became of him(if they survived). Just a whole lot of tragedy worked into this one, compact chapter. Very impressive. I look forward to the next chapter where I think a letter from Eilian is overdue because gosh knows everyone's going to need cheering up. And gosh knows Sinnarn is going to sing like a canary to the rest of the family about Legolas's lost love. As he should.

Author Reply: I have to say I felt the same way. Obviously, I knew what was coming too, but I was so depressed after writing about it! And this next chapter isn't cheering me up much either because I'm still in Legolas's head! The trees will make all the elves feel better, and I think Legolas needs more than a letter.

Someone else (Jay maybe?) pointed out that when Galelas goes home, things are less comforting for him than they are with the patrol. Now that's a bad thought! And I hope he was conscious enough to remember what Legolas told him. He really is a better warrior than his brother and it's astonishing that he doesn't know it, but I find that people often don't recognize things like that about themselves.

Beliond is exactly the one I'd like to have around if I were caught in some crisis. He wouldn't be particularly prone to pampering, but he'd be there if you really needed him.

I did feel badly imagining the little boy's family still frantically looking for him. Oh geez, I wrote a depressing chapter!!!

caz-bazReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005
oh my god! that is sooo sad. I just want to carry on reading. I knew that that must be whats coming but i really didn't want it too.

Author Reply: I know what you mean. Of course I knew that Tuilinn was going to die but I was really depressed after writing about it. I felt so bad for Legolas!

EffigyReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005
Mmm...I like elf angst.

Is that so bad?

I knew she was going to die. I so called that. It was a fairly confusing chapter though. At least about the cave in. I had no idea they were in a two story house. Then the roof caved in and they were seperated from the others. Confusing, but I could have just read wrong.

And isn't it handy that Eilian is so close by? I sense possible brother-brother bonding coming up. I love bonding. ^_^

I like this chapter.

Author Reply: Yes, there are a fair number of elf angst lover out there, it seems. I think that's a good thing myself!

They weren't in a two-story house. They were in the street, sheltering in rubble that had been knocked down off of houses and then the dragon knocked down more. I hope that's clear, although you're the reader so you're the one who knows! But Legolas is confused and that might make everything confusing since we're looking through his eyes.

I love bonding too. :-)

Small TriumphsReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005
Sorry about dropping another review, but I was rereading this chapter a third time (*sigh* that sounds a tad pathetic), and I was struck by something that hadn't impacted me the first time. Legolas, after he finally sheds his first tears, has the thought that was uppermost in his mind was, That poor little boy!

He certainly is one who can relate to the loss of a parent- especially a mother! The poor elf has lost so many people in his life- Turgon, his mother, Annael's father who was like family to him... Also, we all know Legolas' tendacy to place the blame upon his own shoulders, but, if I recall correctly, he felt vivid guilt over Turgon's death and, at such a young age, his mother's. I wonder if now all of this grief and guilt accumulated not only from Tuilinn's, but also the deaths of those that were close to him, will somehow flood his senses at once. Poor boy, it's gotta be tough. But Beliond is with him, and he knows a thing or two about losing those you love, so hopefully he will aid Legolas.

Again, all I can say is- Poor Legolas.

Anxiously awaiting your next chapter!

~Small Triumphs (again)

Author Reply: Yeah, authors really hate it when readers want to reread and think about their story. :-)

Legolas is indeed operating from a sense of loss. I think in a small corner of his mind, he identifies with the little boy, not only because his own mother died, but also because he's just been hit with another devastating death.

Things are in ruins all around him.

thechevinReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005
This was a very hard chapter to read and I suspect very difficult to write
of course the fact that it was so hard is a testament to the powerful emotions your words evoked.
Anyone who has experienced sudden unexpected death of a loved one will recognise the strange half world that Legolas found himself in, where everything else moves on but you stand still in shock and disbelief, grieving is not something that happens immediately it will take time.
The call of duty is the only thing that kept Legolas anchored I think and thank goodness for Beliond who ensured he kept his charge with him and did not let him slip away to follow Tuilinn.
So Galelas is jealous of the love and strength of family Thranduil has instilled in his sons that seems reasonable enough given his own upbringing I hope this tragedy will lead to an easier relationship with the royal family for him.
As for Legolas he needs his Adar, very badly. There at least is one member of his close family who will understand the true sense of devastation
and the little boy at the end well I think his loss was a mirror for Legolas and his thoughts while on the human child were really for himself, not in a selfish way but he once again is a little boy who has lost something very dear to him and is essentially alone with his grief
Wonderful writing

Author Reply: It was hard to write actually. So is the next one. Staying in this stunned POV is difficult. Legolas has to notice enough that I can move my story forward, but he's really absorbed in his own loss right now.

Beliond's nagging and Galelas's need were the two things keeping Legolas in the real world. And his training and character rise to the surface despite how much he's reeling.

Yeah, I thought that about the little boy too. And the fact that ruins lay all around him.

Thank you, Judy.

YanicReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005
Why isn't he grieving for Tuilinn? Is he in shock? Excellent chapter, I really felt that you captured Legolas's confused state and I'm very glad to see that Beliond is ok. Loved this line: "Irritably, he wondered what Beliond wanted. Surely he must know that Legolas had an unexpected situation to deal with." I found it very amusing. And your description of Tuilinn was amazing, it was so touching I don't even know how to describe it but that simple paragraph was very moving. Thanks for updating so quickly, I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author Reply: Legolas is indeed still in shock. He's numb with disbelief because he doesn't want to believe that Tuilinn is dead. And that stuff about trying to follow her is very dangerous. An elf can die of grief.

Beliond is wonderful with Legolas. He's taking charge and getting everyone to safety. I love the guy.

BrazgirlReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005
Snif. I don't know how but I just knew you would kill her. How could you!!! She was so nice! She made Legolas feel love! Snif. :-(
I am still upset. Though I like Galelas in this chapter. Poor guy! He is badly hurt and apparently will have to be tended by his 'pupil'. Funny thought! And, of course, it's always a pleasure to see Beliond in action and acting as the captain he is. I wonder how he will deal with Legolas from now on... And they better get out of that city! I don't want to see more dead elves!!!! Oh! I just remembered of Legolas' inocent thoughts about his future life with Tuilinn... that was so sad! That was so sad... But I believe the poor soul will recover, but let's face it: he has no lucky in keeping women in his life!

Author Reply: I know. I was bad. But I think that Legolas was still single by the time of the Quest, and this story is my explanation for why that's so.

Galelas sure has a fan in Vanduil and that's probably good for him. And really, he earned the right to Vanduil's admiration and gratitude. He's been looking out for Vanduil for a while now. In my head, he's imitating Eilian, who is good with young warriors and whom Galelas admires.

They're on their way out of Dale, never fear. Beliond is not going to linger there for a single second longer than he can help.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005
Oh! that was incredibly sad! I just new something like that was going to happen. First Beliond had to watch out for a love-struck Legolas, now he has to watch out for a heart-broken Legolas. The whole chapter was beautifully written. Can't wait for more.

Author Reply: Thank goodness for Beliond. He is indeed going to watch over Legolas, and Legolas needs watching right now. He's not in any shape to be on patrol.

Alison HReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005

What a heartbreaking chapter, Daw! I had a feeling that Tuillin was not destined to survive.Legolas' feelings after discovering that her spirit had left her body were so beautifully written that I was floored.That Legolas kept trying to find her spirit had me reaching for the tissues--but he will see her again and he must take some comfort in that.

How I do love Beliond! His hysterics when Legolas does not answer him had me smiling because Legolas needs Beliond right now to care for him.Their relationship is just wonderful.

I'm glad that Eilian may be arriving soon because Legolas needs him more than ever. Poor Legolas!

Take care and update soon!


Author Reply: Legolas just couldn't believe she was gone. He knew it, but he couldn't accept it and he kept looking for her. Sniff!

But thank Eru for Beliond. He's not about to let Legolas drift off somewhere, and now he's going to see to it that his charge is taken care of.

I'm facing a bad week at work and will be out of town for much of it, so I'm afraid the next chapter may be slow in coming.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/10/2005
I just wanted to drop a short review, daw, and tell you how extremely exact your interpretation of Legolas'reactions/feelings are when he realizes Tuilinn is dead. The word "numb" is perfect - and in the case of a sudden, unexpected death, it is almost impossible to react; everything takes on a kind of dreamlike quality -but it's not a good dream. I can honestly say that tears don't come right away...but will erupt at odd times at the oddest provocations, for a long time afterwards. I found myself thinking that Beliond should get everyone to safety first, then take Legolas and make tracks for the palace. Legolas needs his Adar right now...that drifting feeling he has and the fact he is searching for her presence in his mind is unsettling. I read in a reply where you felt depressed after writing this...gee, I wonder why? Very strong chapter!


Author Reply: Thank you. I don't even know what to say beyond that, Linda. I value your telling me this because you know what you're talking about, but I also hope that nothing I've written has caused anyone a single second of renewed unhappiness. When I wrote this, I was thinking about a neighbor and dear friend who suffered a sudden loss. She told me that for a while she had moments when she was sure it was a mistake and then, after a while, she had a fleeting thought that maybe it was someone's bad idea of a joke. Anyway, I do think these things are too big to take in all at once.

Legolas does indeed need his family right now. But in my outline, he has other plans.

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