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A Creature of Fire  by daw the minstrel 27 Review(s)
thechevinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2005
You can not imagine my dleight when I saw an author alert announcing a new story from you and already I am caught up in the lives of all the various characters that live in and around Thranduil's halls.
Tinar is his usual ebbullient self that paper weight may yet come to be used for more than holding down reports!
Ithilden is such a good brother and commander his care of his warriors shows itself quite clearly as does his careful handling of his youngest and sometimes prickly brother
It must be hard for Legolas to see his friends and brothers settled and so obviously happy when he is alone
As ever Thranduil shines he gives his son a gift but also ensures that for once the horse is trained as it should be, his pride in his son and his love were plain to see
So Eilian is off to live in a settlement and Legolas to the northern patrol I wonder how those two things are linked?
Thank you for starting another intriguing tale

Author Reply: You can't imagine my delight to be writing again! I really miss having a story going.

Ithilden is very patient in dealing with Legolas's understandable feelings. I think he's a good commander, and in this case, he was willing to treat Legolas like any other competent captain. I think Legolas probably appreciates this. He doesn't feel like Ithilden coddles him. He feels like Ithilden respects his strength.

I think Legolas is feeling the contrast between his own lonely state and the happy marriages around him. And he's a little vulnerable because of his time in shadow.

Clever Judy. Linked? We'll see.

YanicReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2005
Oh, jeez that would have been awkward if Eilian and Celuwen got it on in the garden... would probably lead to a brotherly chat which I would find very amusing. I wonder if Legolas's family wonders why Legolas hasn't found anyone yet? I feel bad for him, all alone with everyone else paired up. Anyway, wonderful story can't wait for more!

Author Reply: "Awkward" doesn't begin to cover it! Legolas was probably very relieved that Celuwen said no.

I've been thinking about the fact that in "Laws and Customs among the Eldar," Tolkien says that marriage is the normal state for adult elves. So you'd think that an elf who wasn't married might feel like there was something missing.

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2005
Yay! This looks great, daw! I’d really been missing these characters.

I so wanted Calith to throw that paperweight at Tinár’s head. Too bad he has enough self-control not to.

I really liked the scene between Ithilden and Legolas. Ithilden was wonderfully gentle with what he knew was a difficult topic for Legolas but he still treated him as an adult. It sounds as though the Shadow in the south was beginning to take its toll on Legolas and this was compounded by the death of this young warrior. What a terrible duty to have to return the body of a warrior to his parents. I really feel for the parents who are so desperate to know about their son’s last moments. But there’s something very sad too about the fact that even for elves, after a while in a situation like this no death is particularly unique and there seems to be the suggestion that even Naran’s may not have stood out for Legolas had he not been already feeling the effects of the Shadow. Still, it must be hard for the captains and for Ithilden who repeatedly have to explain to parents that their son is dead. And that little reaction of Ithilden’s when Legolas claims Naran was too young for the southern patrol suggests that it wouldn’t take much of a push for Ithilden to feel guilty too.

So Legolas is heading north? Is Sinnarn still in that patrol? I imagine Ithilden knows very well that Legolas must be feeling at least some sense of relief. I like that he reassures him that he’s done a good job and should just take advantage of this new posting if he can.

I loved that moment where Ithilden knows Alfirin has arrived before Calith announces her!

“She seems to think I will not eat unless she feeds me. We are going on a picnic.” Uh-huh. Calith must get a great kick out of those two. It’s so good to see them still so much in love. I presume they still ‘picnic’ in the same place. I wonder if Thranduil ever goes and visits his and Lorellin’s special place? He wouldn’t want to pick the wrong moment.

It’s always great to see Annael! And Elowen, of course! Beliniel and Elowen turned out to be a right pair of matchmakers. Legolas seems to be feeling his age in this story. He keeps thinking about how young everyone is. I had to laugh when he says, “Unfortunately, I am gone a great deal.” Well, no need to give her false hope anyway! She seems nice enough too. It must be strange for elves. Theoretically they have all the time in the world but it doesn’t seem to stop Legolas, at any rate, longing for what everyone else seems to have and feeling different because he doesn’t. It’s one thing having his older brothers find love and marry but he has a grown-up nephew now and Emmelin must be an adult too, right? Legolas must feel a little left-behind sometimes.

I really enjoyed the part with Thranduil and the horse. “And the stablemaster and his assistants have done an excellent job of training him. I think you will find that he will obey well and will carry you with or without tack.” LOL! Thranduil has apparently given up any hope of Legolas ever training a horse properly. The amused stablemaster made me laugh too. It’s good to see that Legolas and Thranduil can joke about Legolas wanting the horse to be fast without either of them getting frustrated. His sons will never stop thinking that Thranduil’s hand could be behind their transfers, though, just as he’ll probably never stop wanting them somewhere safer and hoping that they won’t react badly to whatever change it is.

The Eilian/Celuwen scene was very interesting. They’re both feeling a bit stifled but the one time Celuwen actually wants him to get away from home he feels he should stay there! I can see Eilian’s point that it wouldn’t feel right to him to be off taking it easy while others continue the fight but Celuwen’s argument seems fairly sound to me. He’s on leave anyway and doesn’t seem to be expected to do very much and she’s a settlement advisor. Having said that, I wouldn’t exactly go encouraging him to defy the king! But I think she’s right, that Thranduil wouldn’t object - as long as they phrase it properly. He might just warn Eilian repeatedly of what behaviour is expected from him. Keeping away from Sólith might be a good idea, though… At least Eilian and Celuwen’s relationship benefits from the odd argument or two it would seem. Though there could be something in the air that’s making them all a little frisky.

The last image is a rather lonely one, though, with Legolas trying to convince himself that he’s happy. If he stopped thinking about maidens one might actually come along. That Tuilinn is up north somewhere too, isn’t she?? I was going to say that I think it’s great the way he can recognise when he just doesn’t make a connection with a maiden and then chooses not to pursue something that he knows won’t have a future… but maybe that’s part of his problem. If elves really know when they meet the right person, what does that mean for more casual relationships? Poor Legolas could do with Eilian’s flirtatious streak but he just doesn’t have it. He could always take heart by how happy Ithilden is now and how long he waited!!

Anyway, this story looks absolutely marvellous already. You’ve done a great job in showing how Legolas has grown not only by his reactions to people and events around him but by the way others treat him too. I’m dying to see how he gets on with his new assignment and where you’re leading us with all this despondency about maidens. I can’t wait to see what becomes of Eilian and Celuwen’s latest predicament too and, of course, I’m all excited at the prospect of Smaug! :-)

Author Reply: One of the things I wanted to do in this opening chapter was show the stage of maturation that Legolas is at. And the scene with Ithilden was meant to suggest just that. Ithilden is a good commander. He supports Legolas, who is feeling some anguish about a warrior's death, but I think you get the sense that he would do that for any captain and that he sees Legolas as capable. At least, that's what I wanted. I had to feel my way along, remembering that Legolas is an adult.

I laughed at the image of Thranduil going to reminisce in the spot he and his wife held as special and stumbling on Ithilden and Alfirin. That would be entertaining! For me anyway.

It must seem to poor Legolas that everyone but him is bonded to someone. Supposedly that was the natural state of affairs for Elves, at least according to LACE, so not being in that state must produce some sense of something missing.

Actually, I think Thranduil wouldn't mind at all if Eilian and Celuwen go off to a settlement. Once I thought about it, I had to think that Eilian was probably driving Thranduil crazy. He's around without much to do. The king has to be asking himself what that's going to lead to. Nothing good! And Celuwen sees that too, I think.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2005
this seems like a good beginning. I love how the two woman are playing matchmaker.

Author Reply: The two matchmakers are very fond of Legolas and want to see him happy, but he and Annael are kind of taken aback. I have to admit I laughed while I wrote it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Sofia.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2005
So Legolas has set himself up to fall in love with the next girl he meets. Too much Hawt Elf Secks going on all around him. Not to mention Annael is just such a happy hubby. Someone told me once that guys are like turkeys - once their button pops up, they're done. I think Thranduil's youngest son is definitely done.

The conversation about the dead warrior was well done, especially the part where Legolas commented on how young he was and Ithilden immediately reacted, since he was the one who made the assignment. Even he's not immune to guilt.

Eilian cracks me up. You know he hollered like a banshee when Ithilden ordered him back home, but now he's dragging his feet to leave and visit the settlements. My money is on Celuwen in this contest. He doesn't have a prayer.

I like how Thranduil and Legolas's relationship is maturing. There's still a little overprotectiveness and defensiveness, but they're trying. Bring on the dragon!

Author Reply: Yeah, Legolas is ready. He's a little vulnerable from his time in deep Shadow, and everyone around him seems to be happily paired. I'll have to see what I can do for him. :-)

Eilian makes me laugh too. Thranduil really should be grateful for Celuwen's presence. It's true she's sort of saying that Eilian should just do as he likes, but she's really good for Eilian. She's telling him to grow up, which with her help, he's doing.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2005
Nice set-up, Daw. I like Annael's matchmaking, and Legolas is feeling the emptiness too, when he sees Ithilden and Alfirin; Eilian and Celuwen.

As I recall, he's encountered a dragon before, and has bad memories of them. I wonder how he'll react this time? It's sad that Dale, where he visited in the last story, will be destryed, too :(


Author Reply: Poor Legolas. It must seem as if everyone around him is happily paired, and then, he's vulnerable right now because of his time in the south. Still, he's a stable enough personality that he can also joke a little and see the sense in being away. Eilian would have screamed bloody murder.

I'm hoping the dragon stuff will be convincing.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2005
Very Pride and Prejudice. A single elf in possession of a fortune must be in search of a wife, n'est-ce pas, Beliniel? Or maybe a horse that does as it is told, Adar? Or some healthy trees, Ithilden?

I love seeing Legolas all grown up - but it's a shame that it comes with the responsibility of reporting on the deaths of other young elves. Is Legolas at last seeing here why his big brother was so keen to keep him away from the big nasties for so long? And the young lieutenant is seeing how the reporting of deaths to loved ones is - influenced, perhaps, by the need to reassure the living. (It reminds me of some 1WW poems and images.)

Annael - well, he is just so gorgeous. He and Elowen are rocks in Legolas's world. Everything else might change for the worse, but they are still there, loving him just as much as they did when he was a little elfling drawing pictures with wax crayons. Does Elowen still treasure that picture, I wonder? I'll bet she does. (Shame Annael doesn't have a sister or cousin available for his best friend.)

Eilian claiming it would be irresponsible for him to go off to the settlements. I should think the Valar were hooting at that one. (Especially after Glorious Summer.) And, actually, put right - Thranduil, his council and Ithilden would probably leap at the idea of having Eilian and Celuwen spend a few months in a variety of settlements - a sort of royal progress, pressing the flesh and proving the king's devotion to his subjects. And Celuwen would think it was all her own idea. Though wisdom would suggest avoiding Solith. Which hardly seems fair on Celuwen's mama.

And then they could go and play in the woods - which would be good for them, just as Alfirin's 'picnics' are good for her and Ithilden. I hope for a brief update on the Sinnarn situation, too. He must be most of the way through novice training now.

Good first chapter!

Author Reply: How odd that you should mention Jane Austen! I've been trying to slow down some of my narrative lately and take time to explore feelings, so sometimes I get to a point and ask myself, "What would Jane Austen do?" Not that I want to slow things down too much, of course.

Legolas is indeed an adult here. That's exactly what I wanted to suggest in this chapter, that and his loneliness and a vulnerability that is partly shadow driven.

I too like Annael. I'm charmed by the idea that he eventually is a sort of relative by marriage to the king, when his daughter marries Ithilden's son. Of course, that hasn't happened yet in the time frame of this story, but I like it. I think Annael is wise. He's generous and honest and good at understanding what drives other people.

I hadn't thought about Celuwen's poor mother until you mentioned the unfairness of how Solith's nastiness to Eilian keeps her from her daughter. Actually that's an ironic result for Solith too, because I do think he loves his daughter and that his hostility to Eilian results mostly from that.

Sinnarn is a fully adult warrior now. He was a warrior already in "Fire and Shadow" when Legolas first encountered a dragon at the age of about 100. And Legolas in 290 here. Sinnarn is away in a border patrol somewhere. Maybe the northern one, maybe not, depending on whether I feel like dealing with him. Having a lot of OCs gets wearing!

esamenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2005
Oh, I'm so happy to see a new daw story. I thought that you might post a chapter tonight. I really enjoy your vision of Elvish marriage:

Suddenly, he turned his head to look expectantly toward the closed door of his office. A few seconds later, someone knocked, and Calith poked his head in.

I love reading about those mysterious bonds between married Elves. You certainly have included a fun bunch of details in this chapter . . . thick picnic blankets and baths before dinner . . .

And poor Legolas, all alone with his horse -- now, is it a bay or a roan? ;) -- trying to be nice to his blind date. I don't think that this particular elleth is going to be the right one for him, because she doesn't have the softly waving, unruly hair that seemed to attract him so much in previous stories. But maybe you have a surprise for us this time.

You are really building something new here with all this sense of Legolas being older, not so young anymore. I like it. It's fresh and different. And I very much like this line:

Legolas had liked serving under Eilian. He and his brother read one another well and made a formidable joint menace to the enemy.

This seems to take us to some new, more fully matured depth in the relationship between these two. It's great, like taking a walk on a path that you've never been down before. I am looking forward to your next chapter . . . and hopefully I'll have one of my own to send to you pretty soon now. RL has taken its toll on my writing this month.

Thanks for the new story! Love it, absolutely love it! Happy typing!


Author Reply: Bless you for noticing that moment when Ithilden sensed Alfirin's presence, Esamen. I wanted it there but didn't want to beat on it.

Elemmire also pointed out the bay/roan thing to me, and I thank you both. I'm a city girl. The only horses I saw in Detroit were the ones the riot police were riding.

One of the things about gradually maturing Legolas is that it gives me a chance to write some things a little differently. He is an adult here. I'm not going to be able to show him and Eilian in joint battle in this story, but it makes a fun thing to look forward to another time for me.

RL has taken its toll on me recently too and will continue to do so for a while. I have to be out of town for work all next week, which will probably slow me down a bit with this story. I really look forward to seeing how your characters are doing. I look at Cedar Rapids entirely differently now!

ElemmíreReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2005
Yay! Another story! You've brightened my day!

(PS-bay or roan? or bay roan?)

Author Reply: Oh geez, thank you. I went and changed it all to "bay" immediately. I am pig ignorant about horses, and while I try to educate myself, it sometimes doesn't take! Please let me know when you see other stuff like that. I'm grateful.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/11/2005
What a delight to come home from freezing my toes off at a ball game to find that the first chapter is up! This is a nice way to settle in and get warm by the fire.

I loved the image of Legolas standing at Ithilden's door with his hand poised to knock and then Tinar chiming in. The best messenger Ithilden has! If Mirkwood's treasury was as big as Tinar's ego, they could just buy Sauron off.

Legolas's age and maturity came through. He's still young--in elf years--but his mature reactions to the lunch 'set-up' and his father's horse trading was well done. Even though his duty comes first, I imagine he gets a little lonely at when orcs aren't chasing him. He had to have had flirtations and relationships during his life. If he didn't, then I'd worry about him. I like to think that he was a normal person.

Good beginning. I'm very interested in seeing how Smaug fits in and how Legolas will surely get involved in the dragon's arrival. OH! And how Eilian and Celuwen work out the living arrangements. And she's urging him to defy the he needs encouragement! Anyway, that should be fun.

Carry on, Karen

Author Reply: Glad you liked it, Karen. I was just introducing characters (including what Legolas is like now) and setting up some themes. It's hard to think about how elves mature. I don't believe we should just take our life spans, set them next to an elves, and then stretch the scales to match. That is, a 290 year old elf is young by elven standards, but he's a full adult with a lot of experience that has to have taught him a great deal. So he's not a kid.

And I do think that Legolas was normal which probably means he had an interest in sex and love, and (almost) everyone else around him seems to be happily bonded. I imagine he was deeply grateful that Celuwen put her foot down and announced that she and Eilian would not engage in the elven equivalent of doing it in the road, though. :-)

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