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My Brother's Keeper  by daw the minstrel 38 Review(s)
caz-bazReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/31/2004
aww that is such a great story and legolas is so sweet how he's really concerned for his brother - he's a little like my sister like that. i remember spying on my brother a bit when he was really upset about something this one time and no one would tell me what, but that was more curiosity than concern. i'm not really the sort to worry about other people which is probably really evil of me but people can take care of themselves i'm more of a sort of i want to know what's going on person.
Legolas is quite devious and cunning really with that whole sneaking out thing. with me i climb out of the bathroom window cause there's the office extention and the roof is easy enough to climb along to the wall where once you get there you've made it. - but then there's the whole problem with living on a farm in the middle of nowhere so the only place i can go is on a walk or too my friends so i only tend to sneak out when i'm bored of walking out the front door and for the adrennelin rush.
well dont wait to long to post the next story. You have to tell me whether or not sinnarn and Emmelin get married or not. i'm thinking yes at the moment.
until next story when i should be in this country and hopefully with a computer that has the internet on it.
caz - baz

Author Reply: Legolas really was sneaky and that plan was all his. Turgon just cooperated. It's a good thing that there are no windows in Thranduil's cave or he'd be out much more often, I think.

I am absolutely certain that Sinnarn and Ammelin get married. They really love one another. And one of the things I like about that is that then Annael becomes a part of Legolas's extended family, somethe that would really please Legolas, I think.

emjoReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/30/2004
Great story Daw! Sorry this review is so late work has been crazy! I don't think I will ever get enough of Thranduil and his sons. And Alfrin called Ithilden by his name how funny that such a little thing can restore hope. As always please hurry with your next story, I can't wait to start reading!

Author Reply: Thank you, Emjo. I know what you mean about work. I'm kind of staggering around here too.

I have to admit that I sometimes worry that people will get tired of these stories, so it's great to hear that it hasn't happened yet for you anyway.

I wonder if Alfirin even realizes she called Ithilden by name. I like to think that she *thinks* of him as Ithilden in her private fantasies, so it just slipped out. ;-)

erunyauveReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/29/2004
'you surely would not let happiness elude you because reaching for it was sometimes painful'

Thranduil is such a wonderful dad. And he does have his own experience to guide him - he knows that the little embarrassments Ithilden is suffering now will be worth it.

Poor Legolas - in a way, he gets what he wanted - to be treated more like an adult with regard to matters of the realm, but he's finding out that this carries responsibilities that aren't always exciting or fun.

I quite enjoyed this - it took such an unexpected turn. I can guess that one elf, a future in-law, was not moved by Thranduil's efforts to restore his son's reputation, however.

Author Reply: Ooh! Good point about the future in-law! I suspect he's likely to believe that where there's smoke, there's fire. Also a good point that Legolas gets to hear what's going on and is appalled even anticipating how boring it will be. It will be good for him. :-)

Thank you for your kind words, Erunyauve. I love the perceptive readers here at SoA.

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/28/2004
Legolas was willing to risk everything to help Eilian. That's what I call real brotherly love. I can imagine his relief and his dismay, when Thranduil and Ithilden showed up. Even though he was punished, I can't fault him for what he did.

I'm glad Hiolith got the help he needed.

I loved it when Thranduil told Legolas that he, Eilian and Ithilden were the most precious things in all of Arda to him. That is one thing that rings true in all of your stories.

Looking for more.

Author Reply: Legolas acted courageously and he did it out of love, but what he did was pretty undisciplined. If I were Thranduil, it would have scared the wits out of me and I'd be very worried about what he might do next.

One of the themes I was working on here was community and what the community owed the individual. Hiolith slid through the cracks and he shouldn't have, but he's being drawn back in.

Thranduil may be a bit testy sometimes, but he loves his sons. He is lucky and so are they. :-)

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/28/2004
The only disappointment? How can it be the last chapter already!!! It cries out for more.

I am glad Hiolith is getting help. (He is not expendable!) (In fact, expendable is only the fifth person in the landing party - one never seen before and introduced only to be killed. As mentioned in Galaxy Quest.) Good for Maltanaur. I do find it slightly hard to credit that the elves could completely lose track of someone in so much need - but I daresay he did not want to be found.

Turgon is lucky to have survived the meeting with Thranduil intact. Or maybe it would be truer to say that he is unlucky. If feet had been firmly placed on the back of his neck at this point - some authoritarian Thranduil style discipline - maybe, just maybe, Turgon would have developed enough sense to survive. He seemed quite impressed by a wrathful Thranduil.

I loved Ithilden blushing and unable to concentrate on his game of chess. Tactful of Thranduil not to make direct mention of the Dress Incident. I think here we have an instance of Ithilden really needing his naneth. And his giddy joy when he realised she had called him by his name! I would love to see their relationship finally developing to a slightly less gauche level. The whole thing must have Eilian in stitches.

Eilian is a good actor - I think it is not just that everyone thinks he is capable of being reckless, it is also that he throws himself into everything. Ithilden and Thranduil know that, if they ask him to act like an addict, he will do it convincingly at all times. I'm glad Thranduil was able to be so warm and approving with him. Eilian is very good at putting on a front, but there is an awful lot of needy elfling still there and he radiates a need for love and approval from his Adar.

I do think Legolas is increasingly lucky to survive these adventures with his hide relatively intact. Not only considering the danger he places himself in, but also bragging about his stupidity!! It sounded (somewhere) as if Eilian had managed to provoke his Adar to physical violence - and I would love to know what he managed to do that was worse than the things that Legolas gets up to. Mind you, if Thranduil has picked up the idea that talking to his 'teenager' is probably more effective than having to rush to the rescue, it will be a Good Thing. Confining him to his room is all very well, but it's been done before, Thranduil - and it wasn't terribly effective then, was it? Actually some of Legolas's most effective penalties seem to be the ones where he has to WORK - like the infirmary and the armoury. I suppose having to stand patiently through court sessions might be quite good - especially if he has to summarise the proceedings later to prove he was listening!

I hope Bierd gets put on some kind of Woodland Realm witness protection programme after giving the name of the Big Baddie. He wasn't involved for profit either - and he jumped in to save Legolas.

Good story. Shame it's over. Any plans for more?

Author Reply: Turgon would have been much better off with Thranduil in charge of him. I reread a bit of "Prodigal Sons" to see if Ithilden is engaged in it (I lose track after a while) and it was the bit in which Turgon dies. I was horrified and could hardly stand to read it. I wrote that before I had written much about him. If I had, I don't think I could have done it.

You are so right that Naneth would have been very useful for Ithilden just now. Sigh. Thranduil did all right though. He picked the right theme to talk about -- don't back away from a challenge. Ithilden would respond to that.

Actually, Thranduil was a good adar for Eilian too, showing his approval like that, because you're right that Eilian needs that. And Thranduil was also worried for his son's reputation, which was good too, I think.

I was in the same boat that Thranduil was in that I couldn't think of what to do with Legolas. He was foolish and defiant and brave. And then he bragged! No wonder Adar smacked him.

I think Bierd will be OK. In my head, he's OK anyway. :-)

I don't know what I'll do next. I'm have to be on a plane in less than 2 hours. When I get back, I'll think about it.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/27/2004
An excellent ending to a great story! That is...if you wanted this story to end...which I didn't...(*sniff*) But it was great!

Lots of excitement - Thranduil announcing he was going to check on Legolas - I actually yelled! My husband came in to see what was up...and I told him Turgon's life! LOL That was great...and that poor guard! Thranduil in a temper is definitely a sight to see (I just wouldn't want to experience it first hand!)

Thranduil and Ithilden rescue Legolas - well done, I just knew Thranduil was going to get even nastier than he did...I think he showed a lot of restraint when that man put his hands on the King's youngest. I loved the flat of the sword applied to Legolas' seat of knowledge! :-) Maybe that will stay with him for awhile. The whole rescue scene was great! (Trite description, but words fail me!) Poor Maltanaur - he'll have to find some way to get back into Legolas' good may be some time before the Prince trusts Eilian's keeper again.

Thranduil and Legolas finally have that talk - I hope the King learned something about his youngest from all of this! I loved the way he held his son when it all became too much to talk about!

Ithilden and Alfirin are so cute - though I'm sure he'd hit me if he heard that little comment! He's going to analyze every conversation they have to the letter, I'll bet!

Eilian waking up feeling whole and free - I wanted to cheer, and then ended up laughing at him heading for the nearest sweetie! His father did a good thing when they had their talk - Eilian needs to hear that approval often...maybe he wouldn't take so many chances with himself!

The closing scene with Maltanaur and Hiolith had me tearing *sniffsniff* up big time...but it was the perfect way to close. Hiolith is finally getting the help and holding he needs...and as Maltanaur said, he had the time. Terrific, daw! Thank you for another great story!


Author Reply: I ask myself who was more horrified when Thranduil walking in to Legolas's room and found Turgon. I picture the two of them staring at one another and then I giggle. Although, of course, it really wasn't funny to Thranduil, whose baby was out running around in the forest at night looking for some bad Men.

If Legolas had kept quiet after the rescue, Thranduil might have restrained himself. But no. The kid has to boast to Eilian about how lucky he is that Legolas was there. I can see Thranduil with his sword in one hand just flicking his wrist and swatting the kid one. The Men were very lucky that Legolas and Eilian were both unharmed.

Ithilden doesn't do 'cute.' He suggests you rethink that comment. Now.

You're so right that Eilian needs his father's approval far more than he admits. I thought he might be a little hurt that his father thought he would be convincing as a drug user. And yet he really was the ideal person for the job.

I love Maltanaur. He's watching the back of a fellow warrior and drawing him back into the community that never should have lost track of him.

Thank you for your kind words, Linda.

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/26/2004
*Tears and a big happy grin* That was an excellent conclusion to one of your darker fics. Great job!

I was so worried for Legolas when Thranduil found out that he had gone. Poor Turgon-he must have been scared out of a year's growth. But it is very amusing to see him scared.

I don't know whether Legolas deserves congratulations for his interference or not. Probably not because he could have been killed. And they didn't find out the name of the Boss, although Bierd seems like he would tell. But Legolas's reaction shows how his skills as a warrior are in shape. He will need quick reaction skills later in life. Good to see he's developing them.

I'm glad Thranduil didn't have a heart attack. The punishment was just and beneficial to the miscreant. But I feel bad for the "imbecile" guard. I thought that was a bit harsh on Thranduil's part-especially because it's usually the bad guy who mistreats his guards. But it was funny.

I loved the moment between Maltanuar and Hiolith. Good thing Hiolith is getting some treatment, and that Maltanuar knows how important it is to be with him. I agree with Maltanuar-Elves that have served the Crown like Hiolith did should not be forgotten.

The romance developing between Ithilden and Alifrin is also very cute! I hope there's more in your next fic! Thanks again and keep writing!

Author Reply: Thank you, Estel.

I figure that once Turgon recovered a little, he probably decided that this was one of the most exciting things that's happened in a while.

I'm not sure that Legolas made things any better when he jumped into the fight. Eilian was trying to keep things from getting to that point, but once Legolas showed up, the only thing to do was fight. It's a good thing Thranduil and Ithilden arrived when they did.

Nothing too bad will happen to the guard. He works for Ithilden anyway and Thranduil will cool down. But the guy did NOT have a good day.

One of the themes I was interested in in this story was community and what the community owes to individuals. Hiolith is being brought back into the community he served which had forgotten him. I love Maltanaur!

AliceReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/26/2004
Well all's well that end's well. There were some scary moments in that chapter. Eilian in danger, Legolas being held hostage, the general wrath of Thranduil.Poor Turgon. My first thought when Thranduil decided to go and see how Legolas was holding up was, " Run, Turgon, run!" I think confining Turgon to his house for a couple of years might be a bit harsh. Just a few months. I sometimes wonder what I would do if I had a kid with a friend like Turgon and I think Thranduil is remarkabley calm under the circumstances.

I loved the little bits with Ithilden and Alfirin. Thranduil gave some wise advice there. Ithilden's really cute though, analyzing everything his chosen has said to him and startling his guards. Though I think the guards probably are glad to see things going well.

I'm glad Bierd was smart and cooperated. I liked him. Unlike Sirad who didn't quite get the fact that his old buddy Thranduil was a bigger threat to him than his boss at the moment. Fool.

Well I really enjoyed this story. It was darker than your usual stories but Ithilden's courtship of Alfirin lightened things up considerably, though I'm sure Ithilden wouldn't feel that way. I look forward to your next story.

Author Reply: I model Turgon on one of my son's two best friends. I was VERY glad when the kid didn't get into the same university my son did so they couldn't room together as they had planned.

You are undoubtedly right about the guards hoping Ithilden's romance goes well. He's probably not too pleasant to have around when there's been one of those little 'incidents.'

Bierd and Hiolith were both interesting characters for me because I kept trying not to treat them one-dimensionally. It's very tempting to make men into the villains.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Alice. I enjoyed writing it.

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/26/2004
You ended that one quickly! I thought for sure there would be another chapter. Ithilden... thinking of something else... Who could it be? I have no doubt Thranduil found out exactly what happened in the grove. It must be hard to give up control when you are used to being a commander. At work I get all my calls screened and a lot of "Whatever you say." It is hard to go home and not get the same treatment. The king's thoughts on courage were very appropriate.

Thranduil's "Little Chat" with Turgon was great. I don't think I have ever seen Turgon so un-nerved. His eyes were round with "fascinated dismay." That phrase is great. I think the guard may be changing his leggings later. I enjoyed Thranduil's reaction. He plays the calm, cool king but put his little elfling in danger and it all goes out the window. His reaction was perfect - he was thinking logically but there was no way in Mordor that he was not going after the wayward child.

The lack of trust between Maltanaur and Legolas was very amusing. Usually kids are way too trusting but in this case Maltanaur had apparently lost face when he failed to "protect" Eilan from the Dangwath. Legolas is not ready to give it back yet either. I liked how he had an internal debate - wanting to believe the best in his brother.

Your use of Eilan's position to negotiate with the drug dealers was a nice twist. I didn't see that one coming. It was an excellent way to meet Mr. Big. Legolas, ever the archer, was watching the positions and knew when Maltanaur's shot was blown. That was very much in character for the studious warrior in training. The next minute was a blur of excitement. Rhon is very lucky that Legolas was unharmed. I don't know if the elfling was more frightened as a hostage or of his father. It did play out well for the elves. This way Eilian didn't have to accompany them back to the town. It was a good thing Legolas was there - if only he had kept his mouth shut!

When the next scene started I wondered if Thranduil had resorted to corporeal punishment for the wild child. He has been tempted before (or is it later) when Legolas unearthed a spy. I didn't think it was very "Daw" but I figured it out when I finished the scene. Hopefully Thranduil has figured out that telling a kid not to worry does not make it so. A little explanation would have gone a long way in protecting him. Attending court - the ultimate torture. I doubt much more happened to Turgon.

Eilian's shedding of the shadow was a joyous scene. I felt very happy for him. His father and brother were wise to quickly spread the word about his deception. Hooray for Ithilden! That stick up his backside is finally good for something. Having Maltanaur comfort Hiolith was a good way to end the tale.
I am sorry for your car that had to move outside. It is a little bit sad. You spend a lot of hours in those things, then they have to move on.

Author Reply: You have exactly pegged what I think is Ithilden's problem here. He likes to be in control and he's used to having people jump when he speaks, and it makes him very uncomfortable that Alfirin is a different kind of problem. In that sense, maybe the loss of control in the mishaps is a good thing. They certainly show that he's willing to do something very uncomfortable for her.

Legolas loves Eilian pretty uncritically and had decided that this was all Maltanaur's fault, so he kept an eye on his brother to see if what Maltanaur had told him was true.

Legolas was exceedingly lucky to be unharmed! At least by the Men. That swat with the sword was the only time Thranduil struck him, but a sword is pretty hard and Thranduil was incensed to start with and then pushed over the edge by Legolas boasting to Eilian, so I thought it might have been a fairly firm hit. And I do hope Thranduil has learned something too. This is a bright, sensitive kid who needs to understand why he should do things, not just be told.

And everyone else gets to feel better too. I needed that!

You're making me laugh about my car.

EmilyReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/26/2004
Thranduil was just wonderful. I laughed when he smacked Legolas's bottom. I laughed again when Legolas dragged himself out of the tub. Poor thing.

I really liked Thranduil's conversation with Legolas. Legolas felt a small surge of excitement. “I would like it if you would tell me things like Annael’s adar tells him.” I thought that was sad. The kid needs more attention. It's too bad Nana isn't there. All of them missed her presence in this story.

It looks like Ithilden is making a bit a headway. I bet Alfirin is mortified at having called him 'Ithilden.' Ha.

The last part with Maltanaur and Hiolith was wonderful. I like Maltanaur a lot.

Author Reply: You're so mean! Legolas wasn't laughing. But then, I guess he did kind of bring his troubles on himself. He does need more of his father's time. It's really too bad. I think Thranduil does the best he can, and Ithilden and Eilian fill some of the void, but Legolas would just love to have the normal kind of life that Annael has.

I thought Alfirin would be embarrassed at calling Ithilden by name too. I thought maybe she daydreamed about him using his name and then it just slipped out. She probably doesn't even know she said it.

I like Maltanaur too. He's a wise old warrior. Eilian is lucky to have him as a protector.

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