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When Shadow Touches Home  by daw the minstrel 4 Review(s)
Red Squirrel Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/20/2013
Eilian's behavior just radiates pain. He is out of control fueled by grief. I feel bad for the poor Elf. Of course he wants vengeance for the slaying of this mother. Then he and Ithilden get into it and now he has to go home and face the music to the king....that is not going to be pleasant. Also, I don't think Ithilden should have had the body guard stay in the seems dangerous for Eilian to travel home with only Gelmir as a companion (sorry, Gelmir) and I think I remember from a couple of the previous stories I read from you that the body guards answer directly to the king. If that is true Thranduil is going to be really, really mad.

Did you see the Desolation of Smaug yet? I always thought Thranduil as a bit arrogant, over opinionated, and somewhat of a jerk, all of which I have found rather endearing but it was overplayed in the movie and his condescending attitude toward Silvan Elves I simply do not think he would have been like that! But I think Lee Pace did a pretty good job and he looked about how I pictured Thranduil from all the reading I have done over the years.

Author Reply: It turns out Thranduil agrees with you about Maltanaur! Ithilden is having his own hard time.

I haven't seen Desolation of Smaug yet. We're planning to go on Christmas Day. I'm so excited to see it. I'd heard that Thranduil was portrayed as kind of a jerk, which annoys me. It's like the portrayal of Elrond in LOTR. In Tolkien, he's "kind as summer" but you couldn't have told that from the movie. Oh well. PJ has given us so much that I hate to criticize. I intend to enjoy it big time. :-)

pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/19/2005
I feel Eilian, he wants to fight, but his brother dosen't see his side of it...kinda stuck in the middle of it all...

Author Reply: Eilian is temporarily a little deranged. In his desire for vengeance, he doesn't have good control over himself and that can be dangerous. And Ithilden has already lost his mother so he's taking no chances! But I feel for Eilian too.

aure_enteluvaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/5/2003
Again, very good. I especially liked the comparison of that orcs' blood's spurting to a fountain in his father's gardens.

When I read about an arrow being "nocked", I kept thinking "notched", (s)he means notched. Of course I went for my dictionary and looked up "nock", and you're using the term correctly. I'd always said "notched", as to place the notch in the back of an arrow against the drawstring. Perhaps I was wrong all along, had heard "nocked" somewhere along the line and got it wrong. At any rate it was a bit distracting for me at least (partly because I was *so* sure I was right, lol). If it were me I'd choose a word that people were less likely to get confused, such as fitted. But then again, I could be a unique case and then there's no need to change it.


ElemmireReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/31/2003
>>AN: Warning to Dragon-of-the-North:   Unreasoned violence against Orcs in this chapter. My apologies.

This made up for all angst in the chapter - lol!

Glad to see you writing more so soon, I love your stories! I can see how devastating it was to the whole family. Remind me of Elrond's sons and their own orc hunting, of course...quite the parallel.

More soon!


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