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When Shadow Touches Home  by daw the minstrel 17 Review(s)
Red Squirrel Reviewed Chapter: 11 on 12/24/2013
The moment where THranduil could feel the bond with Lorelinn was absolutely wonderful!!

I hope that one day Celuwen and Eilian can bond. It seems that is not possible now but hopefully one day.

Thank you for this wonderful story! I enjoyed it immensely!

Author Reply: Red Squirrel, thank you for all these reviews. I'm so glad that someone still enjoys these stories. You know, though, you don't have to review each chapter. If you want to, I welcome it, but I know it's a lot of work. When I was posting chapter by chapter, chapter by chapter reviews seemed reasonable. But really, you don't have to.

Enjoy your holiday.


endorearwenReviewed Chapter: 11 on 7/30/2013
Angst indeed! What a gripping story, Daw! There was so much struggle in these he-elves as they slowly resigned themselves to the permanency of their mother's loss. Then, in the end when it had slowly and necessarily come to pass, I felt such sorrow for them! The amazing way in which you illustrated Eilian's personal growth, the revelation of Legolas' innocent self-recriminations, and Thranduil's calm acceptance of all the changes he is left to manage alone - all so very eloquently and touchingly written! One could not help but feel the need in this all male household of that tender insight that a woman's presence lends to such a family... I find myself drawn to Ithilden the most and would love to steal the use of him from you for a story line that getting to know him better has inspired! Behind the leader you have created, there is a vulnerable side that I hope to see more of as I move to the next story in the list! I cannot wait to see what happens next to this Royal Family! :-) PS - the reviews are honest and I'm glad that you have received as much pleasure from reading my thoughts as I have received from reading yours!!

Author Reply: This family lost a lot when Lorellin died. They get better but the effects are long lasting. Ithilden keeps his vulnerability hidden or tries to. I think of him as having a great need for control, and he doesn't live in a very controllable world. But he keeps at it. You have to admire the guy.

I love having someone new come along and enjoy these stories. Thank you for telling me.


meckinockReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/28/2004
That was touching that Thranduil begins to feel Lorellin's presence again while in the middle of a loving moment with Legolas. And thank goodness Eilian got a hug out of his ada! Two, even! That's what he needed! Too bad it took the situation with Celuwen to wake Thranduil up and make him realize the kid was hurting. Poor Eilian. Too old to be comforted and too young to be taken seriously.

Well, I've taken up just about enough of your attention while you are fielding reviews for "Good Neighbors" so I guess I'll go jump on that bandwagon next...

Author Reply: Eilian needs to be loved. Fortunately there are volunteers!

Larien ElengasseReviewed Chapter: 11 on 7/13/2004
This was wonderful, a real page-turner. I loved how you portrayed young Legolas, and the interactions between him and his family. His precocious nature was so endearing, and his emotions were very believable. I also appreciated how you portrayed Thranduil, as I am a fan of his and find that too few authors do him justice. The family dynamics were wonderful in this story and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Well done, truly.

Author Reply: Thank you, Larien Elengasse. I love showing Thranduil as a shrewd ruler and a good father. Ican't imagine how he got the bad reputation he has in fanfic. So far as I can see, there is NO evidence for it.

And I have to admit that family dynamics is what I enjoy writing the most. Battles are more or less inevitable in a Tolkien story, but Ada and the kids? That's just fun.


FaerieQueenReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/2/2004
That was a nice fic. I love reading about Legolas's early childhood. This was an especially moving story, as it took place so close to his mother's death. I go now to continue reading more Legolas stories. Thank you.

Author Reply: Thank you, Faerie Queen (are you a Spenser fan?). I really enjoyed writing about little kid Legolas. Seeing things through his eyes was a kick. I especially liked writing about him being mothered by Annael's mother. Thank you for letting me know that you liked the story too.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 11 on 12/25/2003
hey. i love this story. i came across it on one authors favorite list, and it is one of my favorites,too.

Author Reply: I'm glad you liked the story, Sofia. I really enjoyed writing it. The sections where I was looking through Legolas's little kid's eyes were particularly fun to write. And I will admit to being shamelessly fond of my original characters, Ithilden and especially Eilian.

sekhetReviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/31/2003
Well, I tried holding off on feedback for a couple of days in the hope that you hadn't really meant to end the story there, and you really really meant to post another few chapters (pick a number between another 10 and 3O or so...). But no. You meant it.

That was a quite brilliant ending. All the threads beatly tied together, from Ithilden learning that he isn;t infallible, to Legolas eating again, Thranduil healing, and Eilian - well, so that's what he's doing, flirting with every maiden in the forest: he's waiting for Celuwen to see he's all grown up and to come back and marry him. Hmm. I'm sure he's a great tactician against the orcs, but I'm not entirely convinced he has that one right.

And can I just say, the bathroom scene was very nice. Very nice indeed. In fact, I think I'll just go and read it again.

Thank you, Daw


Author Reply: Thank you, Sekhet. I didn't want it to end either. This story was a lot of fun to write, despite its rather angsty subject. I suspect you are right in your judgment of Eilian's behavior, but then you and I can see more clearly than he can because he is a male. I have had several inquiries into the bathroom scene. People seem to think I neglected the details in that one!


LKKReviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/29/2003
Poor Eilian. I doubt even the realization that his brother and father see him in a new light will be enough to soothe his heartbreak. I'm glad though that his older family members changed their opinions of him.

Legolas was simply adorable in this chapter. (Actually in all the chapters!) I loved his pride over not touching any weapons while his brothers were gone. And his surety that he never looked as silly as Eilian in the bathtub. (I don't know why but his thoughts during that entire scene tickled me pink.)

The elleth telling the King that Legolas and his friends weren't really warriers was a cute touch too.

A wonderful story, daw, and I'm very glad that I read past the first chapter!

Author Reply: Thank you for giving it a chance, LKK.

And I have to say I enjoyed writing from Little Legolas's point of view. Getting into his head was always fun.

xsilicaxReviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/29/2003
OK, flattery time here.

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will all tell you that I am *not* a Legolas fan, and that could possibly be understating my feelings on the matter. So, that you have me hooked (an avid reader of all your fics) and wanting to just pick him up and wrap him in a warm hug is nothing short of a miracle.

Of all I think this is my favourite of your tales, simply because there is so much emotion and evolving of characters in here.

Eilian in love *sigh* would it could be me, but I think he was well matched, and it would be interesting to hear if anything ever came of it. Somehow I think he would be a great father, watching him with Legolas, although perhaps a favourite uncle would be a better role. That way he can give them back when they're trouble.

Ithilden and Thranduil both learned a part of the same lesson, I think. That in working hard to try and protect your family, you can lose sight of what they really need. Thankfully they all realised that to love and be loved is what is important.

I think they have actually become a closer knit family since the tragedy. There certainly seems to be a lot more of an understanding betwen them, although in some ways 'naneth' would provide the bond and conciliation between them, that they have just formed. Either way I loved it!

Now I only have one wish (well two). One, that it had never ended. And two, that the bath scene had been a lot more...extended.

And wow, that could possibly be the longest review I've ever done.

Author Reply: I am very flattered that you have made an exception for my Legolas. Of course, he comes as part of this family, which is what I have become really interested in writing about, so I appreciate your comments there.

As for the bath scene, there was a little kid there! I couldn't say too much. But use your imagination. This a fully grown, um, fully adult Elf who undoubtedly doesn't have an extra ounce of fat on his well-muscled body. He moves with Elven grace and he has a devilish grin that you will notice if you look at his face. ;-)


JustMeReviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/29/2003
The more I read about Celuwen, the more I like her. You have to admire her spunk - just like Eilian, she knows where her duty lies. And just like Eilian, she means to see to her duty. Yes, these two make an incredible couple. I am glad to see that you have left the question of their future relationship open - could this mean we may see more of her in other stories? I look forward to it!
The scenes between Legolas and Thranduil were really cute and touching. I especially like the way Legolas feels the need to comfort everyone else now that he is beginning to recover from his trauma. "You still have me" was maybe my favorite moment of all. How utterly sweet. You just feel like you want to grab him and give him a great big hug!
And by the way, you can put me on the list for comfort-giving to any of these characters - they are all hug-worthy!

Author Reply: I am hoping to use Celuwen again some day, although I have no definite plot line worked out. I think that she could handle Eilian quite well and he would enjoy every minute of it.

I told Nilmandra that I stole the "you still have me" line from my own son when he was a preschooler. It is still one of my favorite memories of him and he is an adult.

Thank you for consistently reading and reviewing this story.


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