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When Shadow Touches Home  by daw the minstrel 9 Review(s)
Red Squirrel Reviewed Chapter: 10 on 12/24/2013
whew...a battle! I like how you described it! Poor Gelmir...glad he is going to be fine. looks as though he might be a problem for Eilian and Celuwen. He sees Eilian as some spoiled, reckless youngling and it may be difficult for Eilian to change his mind, especially since it concerns his daughter. But to me anyway they don't seem quite ready to be betrothed let alone bond. These Woodelves seem very stubborn...more dangerous and less wise indeed! But I suppose they do have a point about trying to live in the forest but with these creatures of darkness so close even to Thranduil's stronghold it seems perilous!

Author Reply: Eilian has not made a good impression on Solith. And I think you're right that Eilian and Celuwen aren't ready yet anyway. They're each too intent on getting their own way.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 10 on 11/28/2004
Gelmir is a fun sidekick. So Eilian has one previous success in winning an argument with Ithilden, eh? His shock at Ithilden giving in and his quip about Arda ending were cute, too. It's good to see Ithilden and Eilian getting along better. Eilian will get to go back to the Southern Patrol where he belongs and everyone is happy. So just when we have that unpleasantness wrapped up, here comes Solith! Oh, good grief. I have to say, based on Solith's recollection of Eilian's youthful misdeeds I wouldnt' let Eilian marry my daughter, either. Eilians' reaction to Solith's question about whether he was ready to give up being a warrior and take up macrame and medicinal marijuana cultivation was lovely. Yeah, it never occurs to him he'll have to make any sacrifices! That'll be a long time coming.

Author Reply: I think my characterization of Ithilden has suffered because I haven't given him a friend like Gelmir or Annael. So we don't see him outside of his role as much until he marries Alfirin.

Solith certainly knows how to spoil a party! Poor Eilian. But he is really pretty unrealistic.

sekhetReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/26/2003

GREAT action scenes, and very believable, but what was even more impressive (for me) was how Eilian has grown in this story. You know, it's almost more his story than anyone else's - we've already seen the beginnings of the respect that Thranduil has of Eilian's judgement of character, and now, at last, Ithilden too is learning to respect Eilian as a warrior and a scout. Eilian will be pleased at being restored to the Southern Patrol, but I doubt that Legolas will be (or, for that matter, will Thranduil, although as a wise commander he won't undermine Ithilde, i suppose).

However much Thranduil's sons lament their "keepers", Thranduil has chosen well for them. Maltanaur is pefect as a foil for Eilian, able to channel the young one's anger and resentment so that Eilaun can make it work for him, nota gainst him. And I just love Ithilden's helplessness against Maltanaur's "insolence".

You *did* come up with a scenario with Celuwen that I wasn't expecting. Naive as I am, I'd assumed the king's middle son was a bit of a matrimonial catch! I hadn't expected that her family would have objections. That rather took my breath away, and makes me wonder if Celuwen will share them, rather than the more melodramatic scenario's I'd thought up. Can't wait to find out.

Well done, Daw. Another great chapter.


FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/25/2003
Wow, what an action-packed chapter. I love how you write battle scenes, very efficient like the elves but full of unexpected twists and turns as is the nature of battle.

I was so angry with Ithilden when he did not send Eilian to scout, but it was good to see him rectify his attitude towards Eilian.

I loved the following exchange between Ithilden and Eilian: "“By the way, I have decided to send Maltanaur with you wherever you are assigned.” Eilian grinned at him. “You cannot manage him, can you?” he asked. Ithilden laughed. “No, I cannot,” he acknowledged and started toward a night’s sleep in a bed. " It is as if in these few lines the truce or at least peace the brothers have arrived at is represented.

Ai, Eilian really loves Celuwen, intends to bond with her, and if she doesn't want to then pooh on her, even if he is going to be off in the Southern Patrol. If she truly loves him this would not be a hinderance, not to Elves after all whose history is repleat with such sacrifice in love, so Celuwen live up to your ancestor's valour in love!

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/24/2003
Well, another masterpiece of a chapter... I enjoyed this one immensely. Your battle scenes are well constructed and described in such exacting detail that you can almost feel the arrows flying past your ears and the screech of the stricken orcs! Heady stuff. Glad that the brothers are finally seeing eye to eye somewhat. Eilian seems to be maturing and coming to terms with some of his past behavior that was less than wise or truthworthy. He seems set on bonding with his ladylove, but I am still braced for disappointment (his) as far as this romance goes. It will be interesting to see how you wind this story up in one more chapter as there seems to be several loose ends that require tying up. UNLESS, of course, you are planning another story on the heels of this one. Your fans are all for that!

I'm ready for Legolas and Thranduil to be introduced back into the story, to find out how our little elfling fares at the end of this tale. I've really enjoyed this story, and I am very much looking forward to the next chapter. Good work. I'm hoping for a quick post...

Brenda G.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/24/2003
So what did Maltanaur say to Ithilden when he reminded his commander that Eilian's maneuver was taught to novices and Ithilden thought him rather rude? I love Maltanaur. He does his job well. It has been difficult for Ithilden to see Eilian's strengths; he has been so blinded by his younger brother's careless antics and his own fears. I can't say I blame him for requiring Eilian to prove himself. Eilian did, after all, create the circumstances for himself to be viewed as rash and sometimes irresponsible. As adorable as he is, Eilian is finding out about action and reaction. Sometimes, I suppose, that's a hard lesson. That seems to be the case with Celuwen's father. You can't blame the guy for wanting to see his daughter in a stable relationship with a stable responsible elf. I admire him for not interfering, but instead, putting all his cards on the table for Eilian to see. However, I find these stubborn out-dwellers to be a bit thick. There are orcs running about like unleased pit bulls and they refuse to budge. While they may think they are holding back shadow by staying firmly rooted, the truth is that it's the warriors who are holding it back. I'd like to ask them a Dr. Phil question..."How's that working for you?" Let's ask the last settlement that no longer exist! Gee whiz. Even Elves can be dull as toast, I guess. It's been a pleasure to see the development of the characters we know from your earlier stories with this regression in time. This was another terrific chapter and I eagerly await the next. Carry on, mellon nin. Karen

LOTRFaithReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/24/2003
Finally! I review:-) First of all, wonderful chapters, I've been in awe of you for the last story because of the way you are able to write with such clear definition. I love it!

Second of all, I would like to email you and ask you if I could borrow a story plot for my next story. If would be from the One Year in Mirkwood. Please let me know if that would be ok. Any questions, And I await the next chapter!

JustMeReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/24/2003
I was glad to see that Ithilden and Eilian could finally work out their differences long enough to complete a successful mission. They are both stubborn (can't imagine where they get that from), but they both have unique skills that if coordinated properly make them a formidable team. Ithilden is really well suited to his role of commander of all the warriors. He is serious (to a fault), and very, very thorough. Eilian on the other hand, it also well suited to what he does best. Even though Ithilden may not like it, someone has to be the risk taker - and that someone is usually Eilian. He just needs to learn the fine line between risk and foolishness.
Things do not look promising for Eilian and Celuwen. It looks as though her father is opposed to the match, although he has promised not to interfere. How could he even suggest that Eilian abandon his position as a warrior? That was rather pompous of him! Someone has to be there to protect those elves that are too stubborn to admit that the darkness has made it dangerous for them to continue their remote lifestyle. It is actually rather selfish of them to expect others to risk their lives to protect them. Hopefully, Celuwen will see things differently than her father. I would hate to see Eilian get hurt. But if he does, it seems as though there are plenty of volunteers to offer consoling hugs.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/24/2003
Battle scenes are hard to write, but you pulled these off admirably, as always. Eilian gets to shine - and stubborn, proud Ithilden finally sees that he has to be Eilian's commanding officer and not look upon him as a younger brother he has to protect.

As much as I love Eilian, I loved Solith's dressing him down! Good!Ada Solith! He wants what is best for his daughter. Now I am anxious to get back to lil Legolas in the next chapter.

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