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When Shadow Touches Home  by daw the minstrel 10 Review(s)
Red Squirrel Reviewed Chapter: 7 on 12/21/2013
I love the elflings' imagination! That was a sweet little scene at Annael's house. I think that Annael's nana will be good for Legolas. awww...Legolas repeating his mother was bursting with sweetness...after all the orcs int he last couple of chapters I like all the fluff here.

I also enjoy Thranduil and Ithilden's relationship. It seems very solid, not as turbulent as Eilian's and of course our relationship with our parents evolves as we grow from children to adults and it is nice to see that here.

From what I have read I get the sense (sorry if this is going off the subject but I noticed this) that Thranduil is considerably older than Lorellin. I know for Elves it must not matter too much once they reach a certain age if one is centuries older than the other. I guess what I am asking is if they are from the same generation. I have read almost all of Tolkien's wonderful works and I believe (it's been a while since I read LOTR) that Legolas identified himself as Silvan so I assume that Thranduil married a Silvan Elf. I honestly don't see him as married before the fall of Doriath or in Lindon...I think he was probably either an elfling or too young to want to settle and bond with someone then. I really wish there was more information on these characters! I fell in love with Elves the first time I read THe Hobbit waaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 90's! I am so grateful to my 4th grade teacher for requiring that we read it!

Author Reply: It was a pleasure to give Annael this ideal little family where Legolas could take refuge. When I wrote the scene, I meant it to be a significant moment when he decides he and his buddies should be warriors rather than orcs. It's small progress, but progress!

I have trouble wrapping my head around the whole concept of elven age and how it affects the concept of generations. If I think about it too much, I have to lie down. Fortunately for me, my beta Nilmandra wrote me a story about Thranduil first meeting Lorellin.

As I recall, I first read The Hobbit when I was in college. LOL. I'm in awe at 4th graders reading it.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/28/2004
The bread and jam scene was just adorable. You have an amazing ability to see the world through a child's eyes and focus on the things a child thinks are important - like being able to smear his own bread with jam and getting it right up to the edges. It was cute when Thranduil showed up and Legolas got jam all over his cloak. And their father-son bonding session at the pond was sweet. The one I still feel bad for is Eilian. When Ithilden shows up, he has a nice reunion with Legolas and Thranduil and they have that nice banter about the pony, and then he gets invited back to the den for wine and adult discussion. Thranduil makes one half-heartd stab at chastising him for countermanding his orders and then backs down. Eilian would have spent a week on his knees for a stunt like that!

Author Reply: I loved writing about the "orcs" shrieking down the hall and "attacking" Annael's mother. I've been there! Three little boys in the house and the noise is bouncing off the wall. But then they're warriors, which I take as a sign of progress anyway.

If you're sympathizing with Eilian now, I can't imagine what you're going to do when you see how Thranduil reacts to *Ithilden's* insights about Legolas.

TreeHuggerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/16/2003
That was a very nicely done chapter. I loved the interaction between the children at the beginning...playing at being orcs again, I see. Their "cave" made me think of the ones my friends and I used to make with chairs, a table and, a blanket, and then the ones my children made when they were younger. I am SO glad to see Legolas is finally eating on his own. Annael's mother is very special indeed. It seems that there is one house that the children gravitate toward and I am not surprised at all that it is Annael's.

Boy! You can really see how their personalities are developing into what they will be later. Turgon already boasting that he will get a sword for his begetting day foreshadows that young one's life path. I was relieved when they decided to be warriors and the cave became a tent.

Legolas and Thranduil seem to be on easier ground at the moment. It was very pleasant to see Legolas so glad to see his ada and walk home with him.

And now Ithilden is home. I loved when he placed his head on Thranduil's shoulder. One should never be too old to do that with their parent. It certainly shows the depth of his feelings for his father and it must make Thranduil want to burst with happiness at this simple, trusting gesture.

I laughed when Legolas asked Eilian if warriors had to do figures. LOL Don't we all ask that at some point. Why do I need to know this? LOL Eilian is very good with his younger brother.

What a sweet romance is brewing between Eilian and Celuwen. I laughed at the other female and Celuwens' concerns. I don't blame her. Eilian must be very popular. With good reason! :)

Wonderful chapter. You wrapped many emotions into it. :)

Elenath sila am le!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/16/2003
I really liked the scenes with Legolas - playing with his friends, being 'mothered'by Annael's nana and then walking home with his Ada. He was so happy - and I have decided I love Happy!Legolas. It was good Thranduil came for him and saw Legolas like this.

Ithilden is starting to get the idea that he is not in control - this is good. And Eilian - sounds like he is ever at odds with Ada! But there is progress for all of them.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/15/2003
I loved the scene with Annael's mother suggesting the rowdy "orcs" might wish to silently sneak up on their prey. I had to laugh. How many of us mothers have said at one time or another, "Let's play the quiet game!" I was glad to see Legolas enjoying her bread and jam, too. Thranduil seemed pretty pleased, himself. And I guess even king's have messy little jam eaters, too. The walk home was nice. I was glad to see Thranduil recognize his need to spend time with Legolas and his own need to have a little fun. (A bit of a healing moment, I think.) Ithilden seems to be coming to grips with what he will have to do and the changes he will have to make. It was nice for him to get the reassurance from his adar that he was capable of only so much in offering protection to the outlying settlements. Yes, I think Ithilden was glad to be home and get a hug from his adar. I suppose we never get too old for a good hug from a parent. I also thought Eilian's reply to Thranduil when asked to take Legolas to the library was cute. I'm glad Thanduil realized he was joking. The scene with Eilian and Celuwen was interesting. They seem to be moving closer to something serious, but the circumstances are just so darn difficult. I was interested in what you said about them going to his bed chamber and the possibility of compromising her honor. It will be interesting seeing how this plays out and just how much intimacy two elves can have without going over that line that takes them into bonding. Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. Karen

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/15/2003
Ok, Ithilien dragged me over here so I thought I would confuse you by leaving this review on a different website.

Legolas is so cute playing orc's! I am glad that switched to warriors too. Annael's mom is sweet for taking good care of him. I think I would die if one of my kids' friends parents showed up at the door - and it was the king! I would faint on the floor. You showed her apprehension very well. Then Legolas gets jam all over him - adding insult to injury. Sounds like the elfling is starting to wrap his Ada around his finger again. Stopping to play Poo sticks on the bridge - wait wrong story - looked like fun! Climbing on the railing over the freezing water is not fun. It must have been hard for him to decide between his Ada and his big brother - you made his confusion very sweet.

I am glad that Ithilden has accepted his limitations. I am also glad you let Thranduil support him in that difficult decision. I am sure it was hard for them both to accept.

Celuwen is continuing to pump her new beau for info - first it was her family. Should I be suspicious?

Where do you prefer your reviews?
Great job!

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/15/2003
This chapter spoke one word to me: FAMILY. It must be hard, however, since all the remaining members in this family are male. I wonder many times about Legolas' mother. Perhaps in the future you could write a story about her, when she was young, how she met Thranduil, their courtship, their marriage, when she conceived her first child, then skip ahead to perhaps a year before her death and reveal to us the sure foundation that all of her sons were built upon. I would love a story that explores her and her relationship to all the other members of this remarkable family of elves. I'll bet your other readers would find such fare immensely interesting, if not down right enthralling! How good it would be to learn more about the "queen behind the king."

Back to Chapter Seven - thank goodness our little Legolas is beginning to smile and show some interest in nourishment once again. Turgon, for all his wild ways, is good for Legolas. It is nice to have friends and fun times when the world all around you is so dark and dangerous. I am so impressed by the bond between Thranduil and his sons - each one different but also the same. He is a very good father, I think. I admire him as well as the older brothers. Eilian is almost my favorite, although I cannot determine why. Perhaps it is his sense of "carpe diem" that finds resonance in my own soul. I believe we all yearn deeply to live life as daringly as does Eilian. I'm SO GLAD you did not kill him off in A Year In Mirkwood!!!! Had you done that, you may have incited a riot among your own fans!!

You're a wonderful writer. Can't wait for your next post! Soon, please??

Brenda G.

SekhetReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/15/2003
Whoo-hoo - back from a couple of weeks off line and I find myself with 5 - count 'em! - 5 chapters to catch up on. Just had a very happy half hour doing exactly that.

Daw, I won't even try to comment on each of these individually, but will only say that this is a masterly portrayal of a family trying to come to terms with loss - Eilian's recklessness in order to kill as many orcs as he can in revenge, Ithilden's deep guilt at what he sees as his failure (and he's too like his father to accept, much less enjoy, his failings), Thranduil's distance - and little Legolas' endearing naughtiness and grief. I just loved his "low growl" when Thranduil scolded him for the fire - I fear that Legolas was still a little orc at that particular moment!

This last chapter's just lovely. Healing is starting, without any of them really realising it. Just lovely. I have a bad feeling about Celuwen, though, when you consider Eilian's later history with the ladies...

Thank you. You and Jasta between you make LoTR worth reading.


LevadeReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/15/2003
"He drew her arm through his and kept his eyes on the narrow path they trod. "

Nicely said, that! And how true. I'm really enjoying their courtship, but I keep hoping...she's not wearing red, right? Because you know those extras in red always die. ;) Truly, I like her, and they are a good match. What makes this so hard as a reader is we know in the future stories he's not wed to her.

Thranduil is learning, and both he and Legolas are healing. The jam part was wonderful, and isn't it nice that Legolas has a 'mummish' sort to watch over him??

I can't keep up with you! You write fast! :D

Hoping for a happy ending for all because life is hard enough already,

Dragon-of-the-NorthReviewed Chapter: 7 on 8/15/2003
Your speed is frightening, you know that? ;-)

This is very good chapter yet again, and one that made me smile in many places, because you finally did give Thranduil some lighthearted moments (well... lighthearted for *his* particular standards)... I have the distinct feeling that this king needs to have some jam smeared onto his cloak more often!

The elflings were very cute again - the idea of building a "cave" or "tent" is so typically childlike... And their delight in the jam was just wonderful. :-) I like Annael's mother - it is really understandable that Legolas likes to be at that family's house!

But what I liked most was the quiet moment between Thranduil and Ithilden, with Ithilden resting his head against his father's shoulder... That was a moment of closeness, a wordless one, but, nevertheless, a brief second of being very near each other in every sense... I believe both of them needed that at some point.

LOL to Thranduil's doubts whether Eilian's answer to Legolas' ominous question would be "yes"... Teehee... Seems the young prince chooses to become a warrior out of the same reason for which I chose my subjects at university - only in order not to have anything to do with maths any more... :-P Well... As I do not believe that wood-elven warfare has reached a standard where the way an arrow can take when fired from this or that angle is described in mathematic terms, the prince might be more or less lucky as far as more than only the basics are concerned... ;-D

I am looking forward to the next chapter! :-)

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