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Two Hands  by Nina the powerwriter 1 Review(s)
CorielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 11/30/2003
Oh, wonderful! Both PoVs! This chapter rings so true; I can imagine Rosie having to all but beat them off with a stick after a while. Unsolicited attention can become bothersome, as my Thranduil will unequivically mention in an upcoming chapter of his own. ^_^

Sam to the rescue; what an intro. That Brandles guy seemed just a bit too forward for comfort. And I think it is a proven fact that a man's affection is indeed shortwired through his stomach. ^_^ And it is so hard to be obvious but subtle at the same time!

(BTW, sorry for the delay. I would probably have been here a lot sooner, but while they were putting a pipe in the backyard they cut the phone line!!!)

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