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Coming Home  by Avon 1 Review(s)
annmarwalkReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/2/2015
Oh, my stars, this is heartrending, both the poetry and the prose. I was there in that darkened room with the mother and child, and there again on road, as the mists gathered in.

Thank you for linking to this! I came late to the Henneth Annun party, and didn't stay long, but I've always envied those of you whose enduring friendships had their beginnings there, as well as the wondrous gifts you've shared over the years.

Author Reply: Fileg's poetry was amazing. This was a story that told itself to me - I literally heard it before I wrote it. I never remember that you weren't there for as long as I was. I think Kortirion was, but I didn't actually know her - I followed you to LJ and found her on your friends page. They were great days though.

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