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Begetting Day  by Zimraphel 2 Review(s)
The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/29/2003
I read this the other day and didn't have time to read it again and it was just as lovely the second time. It was a very sweet tale of the bond between Glorfindel and Lindir. The genuine affection shows. You worked in a lot of terrific details about the king and Imladris. Lindir offering Glorfindel his begetting day was such an innocent, loving and child-like thing for him to do. Lindir thought it was important that his ada have one and the gesture, I think, even surprised the old Balrog Slayer. I agree that Glorfindel's begetting day would be the day his fea was created.(That's my opinion, though he may not agree completely.)It seems to me that the day he came back to Middle Earth would be more like a 'resurrection day' or a 'honey, I'm home day' or a 'Glorfindel-Reloaded Day'. How about.."Return of the Balrog Slayer Day'? Okay, I'll stop now. In truth, this was a wonderful story with deep emotion...though Glorfindel was not quite sure how to express it...and one that made me glad that Lindir had someone like Glorfindel to raise him after his parents' deaths. There is nothing that makes the heart soar higher than the feel of a little hand placed in yours. I think Glorfindel was glad to have Lindir. too. Thanks for posting this. Kren

TinniReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/26/2003
Good story. I love you Glorfindel stories.

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