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Untold Tales of the Mark - The Rewrite  by Katzilla 1 Review(s)
HanasianReviewed Chapter: 9 on 12/24/2021
I saved my review to the last as I wanted to read the whole story. This is a wonderful in-depth telling of the story of the Rohirrim, and you have meshed original-characters with canon-characters well, and wrote the canon-characters really well! It felt like the words were naturally coming from the characters I know so well! I could picture the scenes in my mind, and the fleshing out of some of the original characters was well done! Five Stars *****

Author Reply: Hello Hanasian,

thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad to read that you enjoy my story. I am actually really happy with it after this rewrite, as well... although it is far from over yet! There are many more chapters to come. I hope that will enjoy those, as well, and maybe, let me know before the end.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas Season.


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