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Hunting the Spider  by Ellynn 3 Review(s)
sueReviewed Chapter: 10 on 10/3/2021
aarrrgh.waaa. ;( most horrible of cliffhangers. And I have to wait A WEEK for more. The evil of Mordor is infecting you. Loving the story.

Author Reply: Hahaha, will you kill me if I tell you that there will be even more horrible cliffhangers, as we'll approach the end? :)))

Thank you so much. ;)

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 10 on 10/3/2021
The two little hobbits must have felt so much worse. His admiration for them suddenly grew to the sky.

You know I love that. :)

Actually setting foot into Mordor, after knowing it for one's whole life only as a dark threat and a menace must indeed be a momentous thing.

Author Reply: I know you do. :)

Remember the moment "Even if this was an ordinary trip in the middle of the sunny day..."? While writing that, I had a moment of humour in my head - I imagined distant future in Gondor, development of tourism, and a tourist agency named "Mordor Tours!" *lol*

Thank you, dear.

AldwenReviewed Chapter: 10 on 10/3/2021
Great chapter! The alternating POV so efficiently adds to the tension! And I like Faramir's realization how brave the hobbits were. As a person subject to a strong dislike of confined places, I totally get his point. :-D

Author Reply: Thank you for the compliments! *happy*

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