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Hunting the Spider  by Ellynn 2 Review(s)
demeter dReviewed Chapter: 8 on 9/19/2021
The story continues! That second section is my favorite. I have always imagined that Faramir, the Ithilien Ranger, would be an early morning person. We rise with him, and travel through the gently awaking Ithilien landscape. He soaks in the site of the land blossoming under his stewardship. This, indeed, is what he fought those long years for. He still carries the memory of lost friends in his heart, but the pain has mellowed with time. Lovely.
Your Shelob, on the other hand, is an aching, embittered old veteran. And she is plotting her revenge. Oh, my. She may very well be as smart a commander as many of these orcs ever served under. The grinding poverty the orc bands live in reminds me of tales from my American West of life for our Native Americans, after they had been militarily beaten and driven from their better ancestral lands onto whatever desert the white "invaders" did not want. Things are slowly getting some better after a century and a half, but their path has been hard. Now, tho. Faramir has assembled a band perhaps enough for one large, smart "Bug". But enough to also tackle eighty desperate, half-starved orcs? And what about the young trainees and their teachers, and those juicy horses mestled in that meadow. What are they prepared to handle?

Author Reply: Well, as I said in my reply to Shirebound, I don't think Shelob would have survived all those millennia if she was stupid! :)
And yes, I imagine that orcs' life after the war is a difficult one. They don't know much about agriculture (the slaves worked and produced food), and they lost much territory.
Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 8 on 9/19/2021
"these feeble scrawnies" ... What a great description.

Shelob is clever, but let's hope that Faramir is more clever!

Author Reply: Well, in all her long years, I'm sure that not everything has been easy for her, and she surely has had battles - with the elves and Gondorians, and other challenges too. I don't think she would have survived all those milennia (and hardships) if she was stupid.

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