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Hunting the Spider  by Ellynn 2 Review(s)
AldwenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/25/2021
Ok, I am back to reading and reviewing. :) This Galador guy will cause problems... Very nice chapter, still building suspense! Thank you!

Author Reply: Hey, good to see you! :) I hope that you are back to writing too. :)

As for Galador - well, it would be boring if all the characters thought the same way, wouldn't it? :D

Thank you for the review. :*

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/22/2021
This is very suspenseful. Too bad none of them carry a light-filled phial such as Samwise the Stouthearted did!

Author Reply: And it's going to get more suspenseful, I can promise you that! :)))
Thank you. *hugs*

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