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Maglor's Return  by Calairiel Malromiel 3 Review(s)
Cate WolfeReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 7/11/2021
This is so charming! Off to read your other story in this 'verse... (Poor Arwen, though!)

Author Reply: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying them!

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 7/8/2021
Oh and I forgot to mention that I got confused between Saeros who died after fleeing naked from Turin with Daeron.

Sorry their names sounded similar lol.


Author Reply: Ah! Yes they do, don't they?!!

I recall reading a story on this site about the 1st contact between Fingolfin's people and a very young scout from Doriath - Oropher!

Afterwards, the Noldor laughed, "How many different ways can you name someone after a tree?"

While the Sindar laughed, saying, "They're all named Finwe! Finwe-Finwe-Finwe!"

AranadhelReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 7/8/2021
I love it 3000!!!!

Please please please more Noldor stories.

Thank you, dear.


Author Reply: I'm really glad you like them and I'll do my best to oblige!

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