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The Brink  by Aldwen 1 Review(s)
RenataReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/29/2021
Another wonderful chapter!

How interesting that Elrond is already operating in the Gift of Foresight at such a young age.

You did a marvelous job portraying Maglor's stew of emotions as he persuaded the twins to come with him and Maedhros. If it is this bad for him now, I can only imagine the future moments of reckoning - first, when the boys realize that their parents are never returning, and ultimately, when the learn the full truth of what happened in Sirion.

I can't say that I will ever really come to like Maedhros, though I do very much sympathize with, and am coming to like, Maglor.

Author Reply: Thank you so much! Yes, I thought it would be interesting to bring in Elrond's foresight. At this age those around him would think of that as only of dreams and imaginings, but the readers, of course, would know better.

A part of the compliment about Maglor's emotions actually goes to Ellynn who beta-read this story. :) It was slightly less cruel in the beginning, but she persuaded me to torment poor Maglor a bit more. :D

The eldest sons of Feanor are very interesting to write - there is something of their characters sketched in in Tolkien's works, but enough blank space to have sufficient room for imagination.

The moment of twins learning the truth will be a very bad moment. It will come in another story.:)

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