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A Perilous Journey to Lorien  by LadyJaina 4 Review(s)
JanvpalsReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/17/2022
first of all, PLEASE don't kill Legolas. (ik you've written further chapters, i'm hoping Legolas stays alive during ALL of them. please.) I loooove healer!Aragorn, and I love the way you've integrated the lines from the book into your fic. Going to read the next chapter rn!

Author Reply: So glad youíre enjoying! The very first LOTR fic I remember reading was Healer!Aragorn, and I was instantly hooked. (Avalanche by Shirebound).

asms2Reviewed Chapter: 6 on 4/4/2022
I can just picture how much pain Legolas is in. The way his mind slips in and out of focus, tugs at my heart. Well written.

Author Reply: Writing pain is so hard! I'm glad to know I wasn't laying it on too thick! :)

Reviewed Chapter: 6 on 6/27/2021
Please, please donít kill him off!!! Estel has to help him somehow!

Author Reply: On my honor, I promise not to kill off Legolas, but to get him as close to death and despair as I possibly can. *Evil grin, sheepish shrug.*

NurayyReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/27/2021
Love to see these two together and I'm very attentive about their interactions and conversations. I like to see how authors approach them. And I like your take on them, of their slowly building friendship. Your writing style is very pleasant and fluid to read.

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